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Comment Re:Not me (Score 2) 130

My grand total of app expenditures for all of 2016 was ZERO. I haven't even spent a dime on Pokemon Go and I play it daily.

Is that really something to be proud of, though? You spent $500+ on an iPhone, and then rejoice in not paying anything for the software you use daily?

Most of the software you use daily is included in that initial outlay for the phone (phone app, camera app, etc). As far as software like Pokemon Go what do you want him/her to do? It's free.

Comment Re:The usual 2 Windows10 questions: (Score 1) 74

I'm supremely entertained by all the abuse MS heaps on those poor suckers who put up with said abuse by continuing to use MS products..

I use Windows 10 for some workstation tasks at work (simply because capable applications are not available on other platforms) and at home for gaming. I turn off the one-line start menu suggestion and turn off the typing/voice feedback in privacy settings and I'm curious: What is the specific "abuse" you're referring to?

I hear a lot of hyperbole but not a lot of evidence.

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 512

Wrong, what you stated was that you were asking a rhetorical question, something you clearly fail to understand:

"A common example is the question "Can't you do anything right?" This question, when posed, is intended not to ask about the listener's ability, but rather to insinuate the listener's lack of ability."

So when I say Do you really need to keep up this display of ignorance just because you like to buttfuck your mom? I'm obviously insinuating something in that rhetorical question right there just like you did with your rhetorical question.

Comment Re:"Windows sails on serenely" (Score 1) 224

Have we a choice when going to WorstBuy (TM) and purchasing a desktop computer?

For quite a while they were selling Linux desktops, nobody wanted them. Dell sells their Precision, Latitude, XPS and Inspiron laptops with the option for Linux preinstalled as well. HP offers it on a number of their systems and there are companies like System76 that offer it as well. Not only that it is trivial to install Linux on any machine, even Microsoft's own Surface computers. If people want Linux on their desktop or laptop then it is readily available.

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 512

I asked a question. a rhetorical one. Seriously if you don't understand that asking a question isn't accusing someone of something, then I hope you are merely a troll, because I hate to call people stupid, but that's your two choices

Well no, obviously you don't even know what a rhetorical question is, you aren't expecting an answer but rather insinuating the belief of the OP. For somebody who claims to have "quite a vocabulary" it must be rather embarrassing for you to have to have this pointed out to you. Of course perhaps you're just trying to weasel out of your rage posting by pretending you don't know what a rhetorical question is.

Comment Re:The only problem is... (Score 1) 126

Do they provide Steam as well? Or have a SteamOS option? That would really be welcome

Just install it yourself. Installers have been incredibly simple for a very long time. I doubt there are many people who know what SteamOS is and want it but are perplexed by the installer.

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 512

However, I have to admit that patience is not one of my virtues when presented with complete fabrications and dissembling.

And it is evident that the moment you lose your patience you just start making up complete and utter fabrications of your own and run with them, like the suggestion that the OP "hates you" and "wants to kill 'Muricans".

A pompous dickhead "I can wax rather poetic, and have quite a vocabulary" who is too dimwitted to even see his bullshit through his red-faced rage at the suggestion that people not visit America.

Comment Re:I'm pretty sure.... (Score 1) 88

Costs too much(this is probably the biggest problem), followed by requiring too much GPU power to output(usually requiring a high-end card, or the highest mid-range card). Between both of those you could make a multi-monitor setup pick up a 2-3 27" and be quite happy.

You're still going to need a mid-high end card to run a setup like that. In fact if it's more than 2 displays then you'll need even more, the latest Pascal architecture allows for single pass rendering of the multiple VR viewpoints so the GPU requirements only decrease with that.

These are the same things that happened with 3D-TV remember that?

Nope, 3D TVs certainly didn't cost much and didn't require any additional power to run.

Comment Re:Vulkan (Score 1) 170

And you're absolutely sure that the totality of Apple's contribution was Apple-specific extensions?

Certainly seems so from the release notes.

See because Apple did contribute their own extensions doesn't mean they didn't contribute to other extensions. You don't know do you?

You're the one who made the claim about their contributions, you back it up.

Again you are imposing a false dichotomy and illogical position. Because Apple as company does not want to use the latest version of OpenGL that does not mean they don't contribute to the latest spec.

So what specifically did they contribute? You are lauding them for their contributions yet you have no idea what they are.

Do you know what ARM contributes? How about NVIDIA? You don't know yet your burden is only on Apple.

Irrelevant, we're discussing Apple, not ARM or nVidia. If you want to discuss their contributions we can do so in a separate discussion.

Your proposal is for Apple to use someone else's standard when proposing their own. Even though the final implementation may not resemble anything like Vulkan. That's just idiocy.

No I'm suggesting they base the web specification on an open native specification rather than a closed proprietary one.

Comment Re:Vulkan (Score 1) 170

Well if you didn't read the release notes, (and I suspect you didn't) Apple still works within the Khronos Group on OpenGL extensions.

I did and what I saw was nothing but Apple-specific extensions so that old versions still work on their platform.

Also as I stated before, Apple itself does not use anything newer than 4.1 in their OS; however, that doesn't mean they can't contribute to the spec, the group, etc. These two things are not mutually exclusive.

Right so don't expect them to support the cross-platform industry standard. And expect that their contributions may be nothing more than platform-specific extension for legacy support of old versions.

What part of the latest versions have they contributed?

As I stated above they've contributed to EVERY version of OpenGL even the latest one 4.5.

Yes but my point is you are lauding them for contributing when you have no idea what they contributed. What good is contributing to an industry standard that you don't even support? Their contributions are Apple-specific extensions that nobody else will ever use.

I didn't say it is going to be proprietary but it most certainly is in their interest to try and drive it to map best to their underlying driver implementation of their API to minimize the overhead of an abstraction layer.

WebGPU is likely to be so abstracted from the driver that your point is moot.

Wrong, the whole point is to reduce the abstraction from the driver implementation of the native graphics API. Hence the reason you start with an API that maps well to your native one, like Vulkan...if Apple would just support Vulkan.

Comment Re:but but but (Score 1) 557

Ahh, but that really is not true. According to W3 Linux OS share of web browsing is around 5.7% of the market total.

And according to NetMarketShare it's just 2.27% and StatCounter pegs it at a little over 1.5%.

Of course if you actually look at how the data you reference was collected:

From the statistics below (collected from W3Schools' log-files since 2003), you can read the long term trends of operating system usage.

We can see why the data seems to contradict all other sources, and why it pegs mobile use at ~5% which is obviously not representative of broader usage whatsoever.

This seems low until you consider that People do about half of their web browsing from work, and half at home, and the business world is almost 100% PC or Mac.

Neither of those things are supported by any evidence whatsoever, but more to the point your statistics are purely computers that visit the W3Schools website. The comparatively low mobile marketshare didn't tip you off that maybe these statistics weren't representative of the real world?

Taken in that context, that 5.7% ends up being closer to 12% when you consider just home computers that visit W3Schools website.


When taken in that context, Microsoft really only has about 75% market share on home PC's that visit W3Schools website.

FTFY again.

This trend has been slowly moving for more than a decade, and there is no reason to expect it will not continue.

No it hasn't, according to all other reputable sources that isn't true at all. macOS marketshare has risen, Linux has not.

Comment Re:Vulkan (Score 1) 170

As for OpenGL support, Apple does not use OpenGL as they favor their own framework; however, they are still involved with OpenGL as noted in the latest versions where they are still contributing to OpenGL.

Where exactly are they contributing? You realize they don't even support a version even close to the latest version of OpenGL, right? What part of the latest versions have they contributed? And why do they not even support these supposed contributions?

Again, Apple wants to work in the W3C groups to promote a new standard. They want to start with the Metal framework being the initial implementation, and Apple has said they don't expect WebGPU to be Metal. How is that going to be a proprietary API if it's a standard adopted by W3C?

I didn't say it is going to be proprietary but it most certainly is in their interest to try and drive it to map best to their underlying driver implementation of their API to minimize the overhead of an abstraction layer.

Comment Re:Vulkan (Score 1) 170

Bonjour is Apple's version of ZeroConf which they open sourced before Avahi was a project in Linux.

I know what Bonjour is, I'm wondering why you said they open sourced ZeroConf, which is a specification that has a variety of implementations. In any case I think this is going off topic, the point is when it comes to 3D graphics Apple's history is extremely poor support of OpenGL, no support for Vulkan at all and ultimately going a proprietary API despite being a promoter member of the Khronos group.

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