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Comment If Pakistan had it 13 years ago, why not America? (Score 5, Interesting) 377

I remember when I visited my family in Pakistan back in 1999. My uncle had a switch under the dashboard of his car which switched the fuel source from gasoline to CNG (compressed natural gas) while he was driving, with the CNG being stored in a tank in the trunk. He'd switch to gasoline when driving around the mountains of the capital for the extra power but otherwise keep it at CNG because natural gas was cheaper. This car hadn't come with CNG - the conversion had cost a few hundred dollars (US dollars, I don't remember the price in rupees) for his 1980's model sedan.

Comment Re:GV + SIP = FREE PHONE LINE (Score 1) 115

With the right device you don't even need a SIP provider. I'm waiting for the OBi 100 to be released (April 2011 for only $45), this is the first device that can talk directly to Google Voice without an intermediary SIP provider. Their currently available OBi 110 apparently has the same feature, it's just more than I'm willing to pay.

Comment Re:From the Article: (Score 1) 119

Small change to this: We store this information an indefinite amount of time for reasons even we don’t fully understand.

I would say this instead, which is probably closer to the truth: "We store this information an indefinite amount of time because, well, disk space is cheap."

Comment Re:This seems a little overblown (Score 4, Interesting) 342

It might serve as a wake-up call to people who share too much publicly.

So I'm a software developer, in my early 30's, pretty tech-savy. It took me about 45 minutes (a long time, I think) digging around Facebook's privacy settings to properly hide everything. Not only do you have to go under "Privacy", but also "Application Settings" - would the average user know to do that? Apparently "Group" privacy settings are under applications??? Those settings are complicated And even now I can't hide 1) my friends list from the public 2) my pages from the public. So my point is it's hard to NOT share too much publicly with Facebook.

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