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Submission + - Open-Source Javascript Flash Player (HTML5/SVG) ( 1

gbutler69 writes: Wow! Someone has gone and done it. Created a Flash Player written in Javascript targetting SVG/HTML5 capable browsers. It's not a complete implementation yet, but, it shows some real promise. Of course, there is the ever-famous vector "Hello World!" called Tiger. This really has promise. How long before HTML5/SVG next-generation browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Epiphany, and other Web-Kit based browsers completely supplant Flash and Silverlight/Moonlight?
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Open-Source Javascript Flash Player (HTML5/SVG)

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  • ...but Flashblock doesn't catch them. Hey, that could be an incentive for advertisers to adopt the open format?

    Seriously though, if they can make PDF readers and writers without getting sued into oblivion, this project should be safe, too -- and I am very happy to see yet another closed "stronghold" being opened up by volunteer effort.

    As far as I can see, all of Flash v1 is supported, and about half of v2, and nothing later, so there's quite a way to go yet.

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