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Comment Filter or not (Score 4, Informative) 110

When the altitude stops changing for a whole second the filter is going to have to be a long one! And that ain't desirable for responsive control.

The real question is how could the sensory processor have overloaded in the first place? My money is on simple [b]code bloat[/b]. Ie: They used a bunch of generic libraries that use further libraries that use further libraries that use further libraries that use further libraries that use further libraries ...

Comment Re:3D movies again ... (Score 1) 32

All online multiplayer games are solitary affairs. Even large scale team games like Eve are still solitary. They may be social, but they're a solitary type of social. The group activities all happen offline.

On the other hand, LAN gaming was a group activity in it's time, but that's long dead now. Developers didn't like to provide such freedoms if they didn't have to.

The problem with virtual rooms is they aren't a single view point. You're not actually sharing the same experience. And making them all identical images removes the VR function! Pointless putting the gear on in the first place.

VR for games is a gimmicky hassle that'll wear off just like 3D movies repeatedly have.

Comment 3D movies again ... (Score 1) 32

VR is, like gaming, solitary in nature. The only reason I use Google Maps is to discuss details about locations with others in the room with me. Or maybe prep a printout for later reference. VR would be useless for both those.

I do want to have a reason for VR but I can't see one. It's a burden to wear and adjust. Waving hands in the air is awkward at best, and bound to be tiring. Even for gaming it'll be too tiring for anything more than a short stint at a time. In other words, gimmicky. I'll probably buy a set once it's ready on Linux though.

I once saw a molecule mapping tool using a 3D display, with glasses, very effectively. It provided equal viewing of the one display for all in the room. This is a rare speciality application with the bare minimum for the needed enhancement.

Touch-screens are limiting enough but VR will be another round of the infamous 3D movie theatres, me thinks. Actually even VR has come and gone in the past as well.

AR has to compete with the smartphone and even wearing a plain set of sunglasses can get people agitated so a set of recording goggles ain't going to be very socially accepted either.

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