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Comment Mach 3.5 catapult launcher (Score 1) 454

4300 km/h is my first rough guess of the needed Moon-relative launch velocity to kill the Earth-relative orbital velocity that the Moon naturally grants the projectile.

Given the mass requirements of high velocity atmospheric-entry I suspect that's a pretty big launcher needed.

Comment Depends on the ambient pressure (Score 2) 48

Planets start forming as cold dust with all the water-ice evenly distributed in 3D. Pressure builds progressively as the temperature also rises. The water, by enlarge, stays trapped throughout as a liquid - only slowly escaping to the surface. If the surface is too cold then it'll freeze again as it rises.

I predict The Moon, like The Earth, will have plenty of water below deck.

Comment "data available about themselves to businesses" (Score 2) 65

Of course government agencies are going to go after this stuff. And it's not just governments diving in either. The whole ad structure business is flawed to the core.

The problem is the existence of that data in the first place! I don't understand how businesses have been let away with such a free for all. It should have been knocked on the head a decade ago.

Comment Yep, NoScript is my default defence (Score 2) 137

Most sites I simply don't engage if they require any scripting at all.

Before NoScript existed I just left scripting disabled at all times. Now I also use additional selective blocking, ie: all third party scripts, for the few sites that I deem important (banking, Google Maps) to use scripts on.

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