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Comment Re:Modern audiophiles are no different. (Score 1) 469

Where are you coming up with this? I am an amateur music producer (extremely amateur) and my Dell Inspiron with a set of headphones (admittedly, my Bose OE2s ARE expensive, but they're not pro audio gear by any means) regularly pumps out 30Hz - 80Hz bass in my music. My crappy $20 earbuds plugged into my HTC One M8 can reproduce 50Hz without a problem -- I just tested this. My middle- to bottom-of-the-line home stereo can produce extremely low end bass AUDIO (not "room rumble") from the subwoofer. My stock car stereo system can play back 40Hz bass without rumbling the rest of my car's plastic parts. What you are saying makes no sense...

Comment Re:Too Noisy (Score 1) 121

ESPN 3 is a different service provider. The Xbox 360 is only a means of delivery. Both ESPN 3 and Netflix are avilable via Internet browser, as well.

Netflix does provide streaming HD video, if you have a connection capable of supporting it. It also adjusts video quality on the fly based on your current bandwidth availability.

Comment Re:First Polanski (Score 1) 315

The idea that Google is trying to convey is simplicity. Google's approach to Internet searches has ALWAYS been simplicity. That's why the interface has hardly changed in the 12 years it's been operating. I imagine the simplicity of the advert was meant to convey that same sort of simplicity that Google has always been known for.

Comment Relativity (Score 1) 252

It's relativity.

each interval of time represents a diminishing fraction of life as we age.

The way I see it, it's like this: the longer we've lived, the shorter each minute is when compared to the whole of our lives. When we're ten years old, we've lived 5259600 minutes. Ten minutes out of that is 1/525960, or, a REALLY small fraction. But, when we're twenty years old, ten minutes is 1/1051920 of our lives, which makes ten minutes seem half as significant as it was when we're ten years old, hence time "goes by faster."

Comment Re:Why bother? (Score 2, Interesting) 416

You make a good argument, but there are some holes in it.

First of all, the "Xbox 360 Development Kit" you speak of that costs $99, that's just the XNA Community Games dev kit - it's not what the industry uses. The actual dev kit required to make games for the 360 (not XBL Indie Games) runs about the same as the others, somewhere between $1500 and $2000.

Second, you mention the Unreal 3 Engine costing $350k to license and then royalties on top of that - Valve offers the Source engine pretty much for free, and, while somewhat dated at this point, can compete pretty damn well. Not to mention that whenever Episode 3 drops, it'll get another significant update. All this for buying a game at $50 retail.

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