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Submission + - Alaska's Mt. Redoubt has erupted ( 1

alaskana98 writes: "Alaska's Mt. Redoubt volcano has erupted 3 times, with the first event starting at 10:38 PM Alaska standard time. The ash cloud is estimated to be higher than 50,000 feet. So far, only light ash fall is predicted for areas north of Anchorage. You can catch the latest updates at the Alaska Volcano Observatory's site at"

Submission + - Brazillian Doctors Attempt to make Time Lord ( 1

elric667 writes: "A BRAVE Brazilian man is fighting for his life — with TWO beating hearts inside his body. The unnamed 53-year-old is in a stable condition after a 12-hour operation. But docs at Sao Paulo's Heart Institute fear he only has a 50 per cent chance of surviving. The "new" heart was place on the right side of his chest and is linked to his original heart by a vein, arteries of the lung and the aorta."

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