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Comment Re:Exit Nodes (Score 1) 240

I guess the key fact here (and where Manstein and Mellenthin have something useful to say) is that while Manstein proposed the attack, after Hitler got done with wrecking the timeline and moving it forward at least 2 months, he wanted to cancel it. The Soviets had divined the precise plan and had taken countermeasures. Hitler was even momentarily convinced to do so (by Guderian), but under pressure from Jodl and Keitel it was ordered to go ahead.

Comment Re:This again? (Score 1) 348

It's true that they are different, in the same way CPU instruction sets are different, I/O may be different, memory addressing may be different and register sets are usually different. That said, a sufficiently simple example of assembly language for a particular processor is portable to another processor with substitution of the appropriate opcodes and adjustment for different register sets, input/output or memory addressing schemes. Some changes will be trivial (moving from 8086 variants to another one) and some will be very difficult indeed (CISC to RISC, let's say).

Or you could write it in C and let the compiler/standard library worry about that.

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