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Comment Re:unclear on the concept (Score 1) 81

Can you make do with a version of software that's EOL? Sure, but it'll cause problems. How can we solve those problems? Well, throw staff time at them. Would that be new hires? No, they're people whose salaries we're already paying. So the view you can minimize the immediate cash outlay by running obsolete software. This would not be reckoned by a private enterprise as a legitimate cost savings, but that's why the IT guys in government have to contend with.

Oh, you'd be surprised. I've worked many places that consider employee time to be "free". We can buy a library that will solve problem X or just build it ourselves. The library costs money, but building it ourselves is free! After all, we're paying our programmers anyway!

Comment Re:Basic income (Score 1) 726

The problem with UBI is if we replace food stamps and medicaid with UBI and the people just blow it on drugs and are then starving on the streets and filling up emergency rooms what do you do?

I'm fine if they starve on a UBI. They can visit the local church soup kitchen.

Medical care is a different story. No one has said that a UBI is meant to handle health care.

Comment Re:Imagine the reverse (Score 1) 1069

Actually if you read the history of the Electoral College, the framers thought that each state would have the people elect the electors by district and entrust them with finding a suitable candidate. In fact, they assumed the House would decide the election most of the time. Then we had political parties and that stopped pretty damn quickly.

I don't have a problem with the fact that smaller states are overrepresented given the federal nature of our government, and that is the effect, but it was never explicitly the intent. I do have a problem that whoever attains the most votes (even if it isn't a majority) gets all of the electors. They should be assigned by way of proportional representation. Half the votes gets you half the electors. Any reasonable method is acceptable for determining splitting of fractional electors.

Comment Re:I still want short distance & long distance (Score 1) 395

If you're talking about services, yes. If you're talking about infrastructure no.

I live in an area where there there are two cable companies (Wide Open West and Time Warner). There is no reason there couldn't be a 3rd except for the fact that no one thinks it's a good investment to run another series of cables throughout my neighborhood.

Decouple service from infrastructure and you will get all the competition you want.

Comment Re:Replacement Ballots (Score 1) 248

I think the more compelling argument is that in the grand scheme (at least for anything but local elections), vote buying is a very bad investment, which you make reference to. This isn't an easy case though. There are reasonable arguments on both sides. However:

they're about preventing people from expressing their political views on social media. Such postings have more benefit for insurgent candidates than establishment candidates, so the establishment is firmly against such efforts.

Is not one of them. I did not vote for a major party candidate for President, but I don't have any delusions that we'd be seeing a President Johnson or Stein if ballot access was equal and they were both in the debates. I think combined the most the Libertarians and Greens could get in such a scenario is about 20%.

Comment Re:That's exactly how it SHOULD work! (Score 1) 246

You are correct, however the concern is what happens when large parts of the workforce become essentially unemployable. Increased productivity and free trade are good things, but they do create winners and losers. We need to be more mindful of the losers and help them adjust to the changes.

Comment Re:So says every SJW attacking Peter Thiel (Score 1) 437

You realize why, right? Those people think it's wrong to give Trump money.

I think Peter Thiel is an asshole, and I'm happy to give any company shit that employs him or takes money from him or helps him in any way. That's my right. Your right is to think the same about Zukerberg. Don't use Facebook. Don't give him or any company he has an interest in any money directly or indirectly. That's completely fine by me.

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