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Comment Re:Buy APs, not Wireless Routers (Score 3, Informative) 77

The Ubiquiti UAP Access Points I would consider home-network through to enterprise class. A three pack is cheaper than all but the Trendnet router. Coupled with a Security Gateway and you have a bloody easy setup that is fairly price competitive and easy to maintain.

I guess my feeling of what home-network class may be out of the norm but I found the ubiquity gear easier to setup and configure than the Fritzbox given to me by my ISP.

Comment Re:Unversal search (Score 1) 132

I use Airplay to stream to the AppleTV any locally stored content like this.

AirVideoHD Server and client app makes things easy for watching media on your iOS devices and AirPlay to your Apple TV.
Alternatively, you can mirror your Mac screen to your TV with AirPlay.

Plenty of options here.

Comment Re:Cool (Score 4, Informative) 191

Your force touch trackpad does not "click" (no traditional hinge movement). The taptic engine behind the track pad simulates the click feeling for click depth without the surface depressing.

So, every time you do or have "clicked" your track pad, you have used the force touch feature.

Secondly, force touch on the Apple Watch works beautifully and will be useful on the iPhone too. Different use cases. Contextual menus in iOS apps will be a great addition.

Comment Re:Crime (Score 1) 174

You can put a pin code on it that has to be entered if you remove the watch from your wrist.
Once back on your wrist, you have to enter the pin code once until the next time you remove it.

Comment Re:Solution looking for a problem? (Score 1) 174

So, Apple rejected a single app because it referred to a competing platform in the application description. All he had to do to get it accepted is remove the reference.
They are not "refusing to accept Apple Watch apps from developers who sell the same apps for Pebble.".

With that said, it is still a bit of a dick move. Especially when Apple's own apps in the app store refer to "PC Browser" and "Import and edit Microsoft Word documents".

Comment Guido van Robot! (Score 2) 215


Why reinvent the wheel. Check out Guido van Robot, a programming language that teaches all the basics of programming (problem solving, sequence, iteration and decision making).

Best yet, it already has fun progressive lessons that are perfect for teaching in the classroom.

Whatever you do, remember, start with sequence, then iteration, decision making and ultimately wrap it up with problem solving.

Comment Re:How kind of you Apple (Score 1, Troll) 98

Apple offer a company a contract for a product of certain specification and quality.
Company accepts, borrows a shit ton of money from Apple but can't produce the goods.
Apple offers to change the repayment terms to give company more time to produce product to the right spec and avoid bankruptcy.
Company CEO and CFO unload shares at high price, then announce bankruptcy and proceed to blame Apple.

Apple uses the plant THEY bought for the company to produce the product for alternative reasons and in the process offers jobs to those who lost them.
Company still owes millions, the CEO now has millions in his bank from selling shares when he knew things were not working out while employees are laid off.

I think that is a more accurate account of what happened.

Comment Re:Apple planned this all from the start (Score 3, Informative) 98

First of all, Apple were the ones who bought the land and facilities they are turning into a data centre FOR GTAT to use to make Saphire. So they already own the plant.

Secondly, they have not bought GTAT at all. At least hate Apple for legit reasons, not made up ones.

Comment In short, iOS (Score 5, Interesting) 63

As others have said, iOS has very good accessibility support. I am developing a system for visually impaired (VI) people to give them contextual awareness in their community. As part of this development process we engaged the VI community to have them test and provide design and testing feedback. Their first piece of advice was that iOS is the preferred platform due to voice over and other accessibility options. So, our system's mobile support is starting with iOS.

Comment Re:good (Score 3, Informative) 238

What a ridiculous statement. In some markets, SMS messages cost for each and every one a non insignificant amount. An iPhone user is notified if the iMessage is not delivered. You can also choose in the message settings on your iPhone to automatically send via sms if iMessage delivery failed. Some people wouldn't want that to happen so it is a user choice. Apple shouldn't be held responsible because some people are incompetent to read that their iMessage was not delivered.

Comment Re:Join the slashdot farewell: (Score -1, Flamebait) 526

I have been reading slashdot since about 1999-2000.
When I was younger though, I posted under an alter-ego in an effort to not really link my private and online life.
Slashdot is definitely not the website I signed up forbears ago. It certainly isn't news for nerds any more. More like some nerd news, mostly click bait.
Either way though, I have moved on to other sites for my news for nerds (anandtech, ars etc) but still read slashdot many times a day.

This fuck beta rubbish comes across as juvenile.

Comment Re:Join the slashdot farewell: (Score 4, Insightful) 526

You don't speak for this old timer. Stop bloody ruining every thread with your immature anti-beta posts.
Beta is not ruining my time on Slashdot, YOU ARE!

Send your feedback via the email they they have provided and leave it at that. If they do not listen to your feedback, then feel free to vote with your feet, but stop ruining the site for everybody else.

ps. Why hide behind anonymity?

Comment Re:They should require refund window (Score 1) 252

Mod this person up, they speak the truth!I have two boys under 3 and in no way is there a situation where I need to "pacify" either of them.

Secondly, I buy an iPhone, I look through the settings and get to understand the device with all its features and settings.

My phone has restricted in app purchases adding and deleting apps. Now to make an in app purchase requires a 4 digit pin AND for me to sign in with my Apple ID. All subsequent purchases require the same action.

Still, if my young boys things because I put in my password and pin it is APPLE'S fault /s

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