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Comment Re:500,000? (Score 1) 112

300k to 400k, huh? I'm a fan of Tesla, and I even have one of these pre-ordered, but I'm willing to bet their yearly output won't be 1/10th of that. :) I expect to see 50k out the first year, and another 50k out the next. The rest of orders will either be cancelled by that time or they'll just be waiting much longer.

Comment Re:Location (Score 1) 587

Funny you should bring this up, because my company (which will not be named) has been doing this since the '08 financial crash in the US. We employ tons of developers and support staff in Alabama and Mississippi who work either full-time at home, or in rented office space. They generally get paid about 40% of what their counterparts on the coast get paid, and are happier than pigs in shit. The quality of work is the same, regardless of geographical location.

Oh yeah -- the lesser (lol, sorry, I mean completely non-existent) labor laws in AL and MI help, too.

Comment Re:Location (Score 1) 587

It's funny you should bring this up, because my company (that won't be named) has been doing this exact thing since the '08 crash. We have tons of programmers, developers, and more, all in Alabama and Mississippi. They work either full-time remote or at rented office space. They get paid about 40% their counterparts on the coasts, and they're happier than pigs in shit.

The lower (lol, sorry, I mean completely non-existent) labor laws in these states help quite a bit, too.

Comment Re:MS is missing the obvious (Score 1) 139

THANK YOU. Been saying this for years. My organization, after getting tired of managing Blackberries just this month, started moving to iPhones.

Windows Phone has been around for five or six years -- you'd think MS would've tried to get into the business world with their phones by now, but nope. We would've loved buying a bunch of phones that just integrated with everything we're already using, but now we're having to get it working on iPhones.

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