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Comment Linux without "customizations" (Score 1) 510

"What I'm really looking for is Linux that works without constant under-the-hood tweaking (ala early Windows flavors, 3.1, 95/98)"

No such version of Linux exists that you can download. Such a system would require hardware that the OS was designed in tandem with (i.e., iOS or ChromeOS). Windows works as well as it does with most hardware because Windows is so pervasive in the world that hardware manufacturers design hardware to work specifically (or at least best) with it by default. Any version of Linux you can download does not have this advantage, and will require customizations to get it running "right." For every user on this page that says "X distro installed for me just fine" there are five people out there frantically googling answers right now because their sound or networking suddenly stopped working on their particular Linux install.

Though, I differ with your assumption that early Windows flavors needed no under-the-hood tweaking (I remember having nothing but problems with Windows 3.1/95, etc, back in the day).

Comment I wonder if Musk was promised more Mars funding? (Score 1) 103

Hmm -- I wonder if Musk was promised more Mars funding from the toddler-in-chief in exchange for him staying on the advisors' group even in the face of all the tech world's outrage? I didn't blame him at the time -- you gotta eat -- but it looks like he found out like many have before, that our current fearless leader isn't the most trustworthy man around.

Comment Re:WTF!!! (Score 1) 513

Eh -- sometimes, sometimes not. If an employer really needs a job filled, they'll hold back (or massage) whatever information needed to get you in the door, knowing that if you're desperate, you'll stay.

I was in this condition once -- accepted a job I really needed after being told that there'd be a "two week training period" where I'd have to travel 1000 miles away from home... which quickly turned into six _months_. They paid for everything, but still, they were not forthcoming before I was hired.

Comment Re:Can Uber really make money at this? (Score 1) 122

There will be a point where it will be cheaper to just run "one" driver, replicated millions of times, instead of paying millions of drivers, yes. It might not be today, but eventually the two lines on the cost chart will cross.

As for maintenance on the cars, I expect Uber to wait until this technology is in most cars, and then they'll still "borrow" your car, so that you'll still be responsible for insuring, maintaining, etc. You'll just get a vastly reduced rate than Uber drivers do today, since Uber just needs the use of the car, not the car *and* you.

Comment Re:500,000? (Score 1) 112

300k to 400k, huh? I'm a fan of Tesla, and I even have one of these pre-ordered, but I'm willing to bet their yearly output won't be 1/10th of that. :) I expect to see 50k out the first year, and another 50k out the next. The rest of orders will either be cancelled by that time or they'll just be waiting much longer.

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