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Comment Re:Primary source (Score 1) 333

Unfortunately, this is incorrect. The folks who modded this up are incorrect also.

Wikipedia is a tertiary source and its articles are primarily based on reliable secondary sources. Primary sources are generally not acceptable.

Comment Re:follow my lead (Score 1) 760

Don't buy anything with a locked bootloader (that can't be unlocked)

Don't buy anything that requires a non-standard data cable, such as micro USB.

Don't buy anything you can't change your own battery in using much more than a screw driver.

My EVO passes the test, so does my netbook and all the Bluetooth (not Logitech proprietary wireless USB) peripherals.

Micro-USB is a standard that replaces the now-deprecated mini-USB. Micro-USB is a far more durable connector.

Comment Re:Classic Mac OS (Score 1) 763

Your point about Mac OS is absolutely true. If I had to choose among modern OS GUIs, I much prefer Windows Vista/7 UI to the OS X "finder". Mac OS Classic is really nice to use as long as it's not crashing.

On Linux (which is my primary desktop), I use Window Maker & the command-line since KDE/Gnome are too slow/bloated to be usable. A GUI file manager on a modern PC shouldn't be slower than a Quadra 700 (~1992) running Mac OS!

Comment Re:Enough of this crap. (Score 1) 632

Even our friends are trying to steal our secrets. Israel and other allies routinely try to reverse-engineer defense systems we sell to them.

China, North Korea, terrorists, etc. would very much like to benefit at our expense.

The boogeyman you refer to is real. You can choose to live in your idealistic world if it makes you feel better. The reality is that the threats are real and journalists should not have the right to reveal classified information.

Comment Re:Enough of this crap. (Score 1) 632

Classified information saves lives and keeps our country safe. Is our government right all the time? No, but I trust it a hell of a lot more than I trust ignorant fools like yourself. If you had your way, we would cease to exist as the United States -- we'd be overrun by our enemies. Get a clue and read up on your history!

Comment You're missing the point (Score 1) 490

E-mail is, for all intents and purposes, like a postcard: it is sent in the open for anyone to read. Are postcards off-limits from the 4th amendment? Surely, if there was some threat to the government made on a postcard that a postal-service employee could read, action would be taken.

The solution is to encrypt e-mail that is sensitive.

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