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Comment Re:Another Malthusian Failure (Score 1) 140

As I only countered his alleged simile ( like coding a new software with [one language] while...) with my experience showing that it isn't so impossible, I would conclude that you need to read a little more carefully. To be more explicit, he never said anything about anecdotal evidence at all, that was just you being fully snarky, but likely you knew that already.

Comment Re:Another Malthusian Failure (Score 1) 140

Sadely making a new drug (that isn't just a generic copy of another) is like coding a new software with java while you only know C#.

As principally a Java programmer, I've only done one C# project, It ran quietly for more than five years, even was moved to a new machine without issue by someone who contacted me once with some basic questions because he saw my name associated with it. I'm sorry, your point was what exactly?

Comment Re:very (Score 1) 774

While I'd agree with you in general on your attitude about 'innocent until proven guilty' and I personally have never ran across this situation once IRL. However, I'd consider some life changes if I kept running across personal stories of such type, like you seem to have had.

Comment Re:They should expand the program (Score 1) 298

Wow, this is the entire content of a +5 Insightful post.
Could you at least give us a single piece of technical evidence to back that up? However anecdotal?

The question is "Do you feel vindicated or victimized by the +5Insightful rating for your post?". As you must realize that your completely common place observation has been 'agreed to' as being 'Insightful'. Congratulations man, you're part of the 'problem' :)

Comment Re:Suckaz (Score 1, Flamebait) 641

The only reason why people are even distributing such foolery is that right wing commentators have been filling the gullible with tales of Death Panels, Socialistic take over, etc. in a seemingly desperate effort to confuse people enough to vote for them again.

Reactionaries always whine about 'those dirty damn liberals' as an effort to distract from real policy discussions. Troll like, they are often spit out comments about how 'their liberal friends' are 'so stupid'.

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