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Comment Uniform multimedia (Score 1) 141

Why are the car companies even offering infotainment?
They should stick to making their cars ride smoothly and include a generic multimedia dock for customers to put in their own 3rd-party systems.
The 3rd-party systems could be replaced every few years for people who want the latest and greatest.

This may lead to increased stereo thefts but a lot less future negative image for the car companies.
If a modern youth's first car is a 10-year-old [insert model and make here] with a sucky stereo, he/she is unlikely to buy that make ever again.

Comment Re:"Do you know who I am???" (Score 5, Funny) 131

A student writing a final exam in large room goes over on time.
When approaching the front of the room to hand in the exam, a proctor informs the student that the exam is late and cannot be accepted.
The student says: "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" to import some great significance.
The proctor answers "No," as if he did not care.
At which point, the student quickly thrusts his exam into the middle of the pile on the desk and runs away.

Comment FB Search (Score 5, Insightful) 235

The mugger likely searched the victim on FB after the mugging.
FB saw one person searching out another and suggested the pairing to the victim.
With only 50 FB friends and a hidden profile, FB gives me suggestions all of the time.
Often, the suggestions only make sense if the suggested friend had tried searching for me on FB.

Submission + - Debian dropping support for older CPUs (

An anonymous reader writes: According to a report on DistroWatch, the Debian distribution will soon be dropping support for older, 32-bit processors: "The Debian project supports a wide range of hardware architectures, including 32-bit x86 CPUs. Changes are happening in Debian's development branches which will make older versions of the 32-bit architecture obsolete. Ben Hutchings provides the details: 'Last year it was decided to increase the minimum CPU features for the i386 architecture to 686-class in the Stretch release cycle. This means dropping support for 586-class and hybrid 586/686 processors. (Support for 486-class processors was dropped, somewhat accidentally, in Squeeze.) This was implemented in the Linux kernel packages starting with Linux 4.3, which was uploaded to Unstable in December last year. In case you missed that change, GCC for i386 has recently been changed to target 686-class processors and is generating code that will crash on other processors. Any such systems still running Testing or Unstable will need to be switched to run Stable (Jessie).' A list of processors which will no longer be supported after Debian "Jessie" can be found in Hutchings' mailing list post."

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