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Comment Re:Should have a Deep Impact.... (Score 1) 331

... given that among the authors of the Nature paper are R. C. Wolf and C. Biedermann.

Didn't those guys die in a car accident while frantically racing to report a comet that wouldn't impact for well over a year?

[ Truly, one of the dumbest moments in a movie full of dumb things. Though, I did enjoy: (a) Morgan Freeman's line, as the President, "Now, it may seem like we have each other over the same barrel, Ms Lerner, but it just seems that way." and (b) Téa Leoni's reaction when she figures out what E.L.E. means. ]

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 189

Two questions: (1) A telecom provider can push phone updates? (2) Phone manufactures provide phone updates?

Surprised that you had to ask, but since you did... 1) Yes for Android. No for iPhone. This is Android. 2) Yes.

I was joking -- sorry that wasn't obvious -- but thanks for the info for those that actually don't know.

Comment Re:Imaginary benefits of social media advertising (Score 1) 35

I work in the marketing analytics and attribution space and can confidently speak to this topic. While Social isn't the BEST performer, it doesn't carry with it the dire statement of a "complete lack of results" as you state.

With dependencies on vertical and how the advertising is used in known conjunction with other channels, Social definitely does have an assister effect on those other channels. The problem you may be encountering is relying solely on outdated analysis methods which do not appropriately track credit for known users across the entirety of their path to purchase or you're simply just looking at in effective ad buying behavior resulting in poor ROAS.

Done right, Social is definitely valuable for relatively low cost when compared to the much larger channels (based on investment) and can absolutely jack up your return on those other channels as an assister but definitely is not going to be a 1:1 return as the only advertising channel you should leverage if you are hoping for conversion.

Comment Re:Abuse of power? (Score 1) 496

...he's doing it to help persuade Donald Trump that it's something he needs to take seriously.

We can add that to the list of things Trump needs to take seriously. He said (tweeted) the Electoral College is a "disaster" and, for months, said the election was "rigged", but that's apparently all okay now because he won. The man can't keep even the things he's said straight and seriously.

Comment Re:Hillary Lost Because of Her (Score 3, Interesting) 496

Hillary lost because of real news about how she was a terrible candidate, not because of fake news or hate speech or the Russians or any other conspiracy theory.

The other day, Jordan Klepper (The Daily Show) interviewed a Trump supporter about Trump picking insiders and banking executives for the various Cabinet and agency positions (with regard to his promise to "drain the swamp") and the guy being interviewed said, (paraphrasing) "Well, you want the best qualified people for the jobs, even if they have questionable things in their past." Jordan replied, "I think that was Hillary Clinton's entire platform."

Hillary might not have been a great candidate or universally likable, but don't pretend that there wasn't (and isn't) any fake news and/or hate speech about her being circulated by conservatives and Republicans or that those things didn't have any affect on people's opinions and election decisions.

Comment Re:But, but, but ... (Score 1) 168

And, seriously, how hard is to remember to unload your weapon before packing it?

Actually the rest of the world wants to know why you fly with a gun in the first place.

I was wondering that myself (I don't own a gun), but then realized that there are some valid reasons - you're a LEO, or going: hunting, to a gun convention, etc... But if it's because you think you're going to get mugged at Disney World, then no.

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