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Comment Re:How dare they hack NY Times reporters! (Score -1, Troll) 61's NSA's fault when foreign intelligence services conduct espionage against US political parties, media organizations, etc., and actively try to influence the outcomes of US elections, and manipulate the opinions of US citizens? You realize that no matter who wins in November, possibly millions of Americans will believe the election was stolen or rigged, and possibly by foreign influence?

I know, I know -- in this crowd, the US is the enemy, here, and we don't actually need to have any kind of foreign intelligence capability; NSA's sole purpose for being is to figure out ways to illegally spy on Americans so it can solidify the power base of shadowy elites. Or something. Whenever I need to be reminded of just how out of touch many people are with history, reality, or both, I read Slashdot comments.

Comment Re:konqueror best filemanager (Score 1) 510

I know that Dolphin has 2 and 4 without even looking, as I use these every day myself. 3 is not all that necessary for me--I'm content to let my file manager be a file manager and to view PDFs in a PDF viewer--and in any case this is mostly covered by preview.

And I *know* Konq has fish:, thanks very much. Did you somehow think I'd never used it myself?

In fact, I mentioned fish: specifically because it was one of the Konqueror/KDE integration features I was waiting to arrive in Dolphin before I'd consider switching to it.

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