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Comment Re:Analyzing... (Score 1) 66

Looks to me like a pretty accurate summary of the article that's been published on Ars.
And a case of "Waaaaaah! Someone said something less than worshipful of nuclear power!"

If you think the article's inaccurate, maybe you should post some actual evidence of that. And maybe you should post that to Ars where the people who actually wrote the story can benefit from your feedback.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 902

Summary of your link: "Liberals are bad, because they're liberals."

In other words, it's a circle-jerk.

The rest of the site isn't much better--it purports to equate the political left with Communism *and* militant fundamentalist Islam? Ooh, and with a nice dash of anti-Semitism on top. LOL.

Comment Re:Mark Zuckerberg is a low life (Score 1) 411

I guess "ugly" is a code word for "intelligent and educated, and not a bad looker, either, except that she's not white"?

I can find fault with Zuckerberg on a lot of counts, but his taste in women is not one of them.

Disclaimer: I'm also married to an intelligent and educated Chinese woman who is also not a bad looker, so I may not be without my own prejudices in this regard.

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