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Comment Re:Php tied to platform? [Re:PHP] (Score 1) 395

Let me know when bash gets decent XML API support.

More seriously: I spend a fair amount of time processing XML and/or transforming it to/from other things. Sometimes it's easier to write a stylesheet and then call xsltproc from a bash script. Other times, it's easier to use something like DOM, which PHP supports. (I'm sorry, as much as I love some of Python's features, the whitespace nonsense just drives me bonkers.) And of course you can invoke PHP scripts from bash and vice versa as well.

Just be glad you don't have to use my apps, which, fortunately, only I and occasionally members of my team have to suffer with. :-)

Comment Re: Cooked Hillary? (Score 4, Informative) 134

Irony meter just exploded.

Surely you mean "metre"?

Surely he does not [boldface added]:

For the unit of measurement equaling approximately 1.094 yards, meter is the American spelling, and metre is preferred everywhere else. The same distinction applies to the terms used in poetry and music—meter in American English, and metre everywhere else. Here’s the tricky part: For any type of device (i.e., an actual machine or gadget) designed to measure time, distance, speed, or intensity or to regulate current, meter is the preferred spelling everywhere.

Comment Re:Probably mining rights (Score 5, Informative) 134

If you have to link to Breitbart as proof, then you've already disproven your own claim.

It's also a bit misleading of you to say only that "a Russian bank paid Clinton $500,000 for a speech" to make it sound like it was *Hillary* who got paid when it fact it was *Bill* who gave the speech and got paid for it, something that even Breitbart managed to get correct.

So... you not only need to cite Breitbart, but to cherry-pick even then? That's pretty sad.

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