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Submission + - South Park creators, did a bad, bad thing...again (

magbottle writes: CNN reports that the Islamic extremist web site published thinly veiled threats against South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone after the airing of last week's episode, where the Prophet was depicted, albeit disguised in a bear suit. An Islamic big-time no no naughty-you-must-die-in-a-peace-loving-way.

Submission + - Network Solutions Sites Hacked Again ( 1

CWmike writes: A week after Web hosting company Network Solutions dealt with a large-scale infection of WordPress-driven blogs, the company acknowledged that other sites it hosts have been compromised. 'We have received reports that Network Solutions customers are seeing malicious code added to their websites and we are really sorry for this experience,' said pokesman Shashi Bellamkonda in a blog post. 'At this time, since anything we say in public may help the perpetrators, we are unable to provide details.' Securi Security Labs said on Sunday that at least 50 sites hosted by Networks Solutions had been hacked, and that malicious JavaScript injected into those sites was redirecting unsuspecting users to a Ukrainian attack server. The same server was involved in the earlier attacks against Network Solutions-hosted blogs. According to the StopMalvertising blog, the attacks planted a rogue IFRAME on the hacked sites to shunt users to the attack server. That server then launches multiple exploits, including an attack kit of ActiveX exploits and three more leveraging Adobe Reader vulnerabilities, against visiting PCs. Several browsers, including IE8, Chrome and Firefox, display warnings when users are redirected to the attack site.

Submission + - Detection of Parkinson's by Voice Analysis 1

lee1 writes: "The early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease can slow down or even stop
its progression, but established methods, such as brain
imaging, are expensive, and inappropriate for screening large
populations. Prof. Shimon Sapir at the University of Haifa has developed a new technique
for early diagnosis that is reliable, non-invasive, simple, and inexpensive.
The technique merely requires the patient to read a few simple
sentences, which are acoustically analyzed by a computer program.
The analysis detects subtle abnormalities in speech that are present
in the early stages of the disease but are not perceptible to listeners.
This appears to be an application of the author’s technique for
extracting vowel sounds from short phrases and analysing them to detect nervous system disorders."

Submission + - Battery Buyers Beware ( 2

drougie writes: I hate it when my cell phone's battery dies. Happens too damn soon. I want more screen brightness, I don't want to underclock and I don't want to ride around on EDGE until I'm near my charger again. I looked around and found many third party (non-OEM) outfits selling batteries for my phone some of which were both cheaper than the OEM's battery and they were often rated with a higher capacity. To be sure that I didn't stumble upon magical juice I bought some measuring equipment (could have bought twenty spare batteries instead, but hey) and started testing them myself. In short, the results I found illustrate that everyone except the OEMs grossly exaggerates their batteries' performance to a degree that from where I'm sitting crosses the line from benign touting into straight-up fraud. I did not find a single honestly rated non-OEM battery out there. So be mindful of that when you make your next purchase.

Submission + - Escapist Website Mass Bans Users Who Mention Adblo ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: One user posted a thread on the forums complaining about an ad. Other users responded that they used adblock so never saw any ads. Down comes the banhammer wiping out several users that have post counts in the thousands and years of membership, just for mentioning the name of the hated extension.

There are no terms of use prohibiting adblock or listing blocking of ads as a bannable offense.

The thread was quickly locked and will probably be deleted.


Submission + - Google Suggest Disabled in China Due to Porn (

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "The Chinese government has asked Google to disable Google Suggest because it has been suggesting that people search for pornography based on its analysis of the most popular search terms in China. This comes on the heels of a fake CCTV interview being used to support the government requirement that all new computers ship with the 'Green Damn' internet censoring program, which is still in force, despite reports to the contrary. Understandably, average Chinese citizens are not very happy about any of this."
The Internet

How American Homeless Stay Wired 287

theodp writes "San Franciscan Charles Pitts has accounts on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. He runs a Yahoo forum, reads news online and keeps in touch with friends via email. Nothing unusual, right? Except Pitts has been homeless for two years and manages this digital lifestyle from his residence under a highway bridge. Thanks to cheap computers, free Internet access and sheer determination, the WSJ reports that being homeless isn't stopping some from staying wired. 'You don't need a TV. You don't need a radio. You don't even need a newspaper,' says Pitts. 'But you need the Internet.'"

Comment free badass bandwidth meter (Score 1) 591

For those of you who wish to keep track of how much bandwidth you're using, FreeMeter's an open source meter for XP that lets you both monitor your speed, chart that shit out and you can set it to alert you when you hit whatever limit you set it to. A must if you're in Texas, are a TW customer anywhere else or like to tether. Sourceforge, yo, it's legit.


Comment Time Warner, we need to talk. (Score 1) 479

I've been a little tuned out, last time I checked in only hearing about Time Warner testing this capping out in other markets (I'm in NYC), thinking it would never happen to me. So I take it this means a cap is already imposed for me, presumably with prohibitive surcharges after I break it?

The one thing I like about Time Warner is that they tend to look the other way (you know what I'm talking about) unlike OptimumOnline for example with their silly letters. I also like having a somewhat static IP without ports blocked and a general laisez faire attitude about running any kind of daemon, at least off-paper.

Question to Verizon FiOS users in NYC: Is it really badass in general? Same kind of throughput regardless of the nature of your packets? Duplex? Any scary letters show up in the mail? Any downside for me, other than the schlep, to switch from TW to Verizon FiOS for both Internet and television? Because I'm this close to making the two phone calls. Sad because I live close to the Time Warner building and I like the building. It's a nice building. But I spend more time on the Internet than I do walking by their building so I'm not going to let that sway me entirely. But Verizon is such an ugly name. I mean.. Verizon. ugh :(. They paid someone to come up with that?

I could have just googled this, Time Warner NYC's TOS and pricing, but I want my post to serve as an example of what happens to a Time Warner customer once he reads this New York Times article. God bless free market competition.

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