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Comment Re: Translating for the rest of the world (Score 1) 118

Your point?

Some elements end in -um, some in -ium. If you complain about aluminum, then you're a hypocrite for also not complaining about all the others. Americans aren't complaining about all the elements ending in -ium; we have no problem understanding that some are one way and some another, it's only a bunch of dickheads who seem to think they should all end in -ium and complain about this even though a bunch of them don't, and haven't for millenia.

Comment Re:The Latest Innovations (Score 1) 515

Finance? It's go Quickbooks or go home. And they *only* make a Windows version. (No, that online crap doesn't count)

According to another poster here, Quickbooks doesn't work on Windows 10, only Win7.

So saying that we "chose" to use Microsoft is like saying that someone who lives in a cholera infested area "chose" to drink beer, and that attitude won't win you any favours.

I'm not trying to win any favors. I'm actually just laughing at you all as you suffer with all the stuff MS is doing lately, which are the direct results of your own bad choices.

Comment Re:A no-brainer... (Score 1) 338

It's not more secure than Windows 7. How can it be more secure if it leaks your information, without your knowledge, to a third party, AND if the software update mechanism is so user hostile (unrequested reboots, machine slowing to a crawl at random times) that the only workaround is to disable updates completely, either at the firewall or via hacks?

I like a lot about Windows 10, but it's less secure, more resource intensive, and less responsive. I'm keeping Windows 7 machines around in my home for a reason.

Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 415

Remember, victory is not really the goal. The object is to keep the match running.

They really do need Trump, and it shows, to the point it makes me suspect they hired him for the gag.

This is why we have Trump and Clinton at the top. They are the next level, little else, of a game that became readily apparent to me with Humphrey, and it has been played that way since.

I believe the intention there is to keep congress as close to 50/50 as possible to make it easier to pass blame back and forth in a game that is called "rotating villain",

It's nothing but *good cop/bad cop*, and you are a sucker

I've been telling you that there is no opposition between the Rs and Ds for years.

At this point the Rs and Ds work together more as a tag team than as actual opponents.

The politicians are just in it for the money, coke, and hookers. They are playing an entirely different game that the public does not want to acknowledge. They don't want to hear that they are being taken for a ride.

It still smells like they hired him for this.

He's the hired clown for the birthday party. The man is a democrat.

Yeah, I've grossly mischaracterized your position.

Bonus paranoia:

The Sanders campaign has always been against Stein, not Clinton

Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 415

Why? Because they're actually up for grabs.

I would be fascinated to see the research that leads you to this conclusion.

Asians aren't a sure thing for Republicans or Democrats.

This is doubtful.

Latinos aren't a sure thing for Republicans or Democrats (though they lean Democratic)

The numbers say otherwise, and that's before Trump opened his big mouth.

Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 415

I deny them nothing

You deny them everything. In your universe, Trump was "placed" into the race in order to make Hillary "look good". I keep calling out your lack of evidence for any of these assertions, and all you can do in rebuttal is waffle incoherently.

They get the respect they deserve

Fuck me you're clueless. This isn't about you saying mean things about people, it's about you valuing hokey conspiracy over human agency.

And they give Clinton her singular advantage of at least sounding like a grownup.

So? If you're going to shackle yourself and your party to nativism, scientific illiteracy and contempt for civil rights, what the fuck do you expect? Again, you need a less dumb conspiracy theory.

And when you stop playing the fool

Always stated, never demonstrated. God, you suck.

I will take you a bit more seriously also

Go fuck yourself, you narcissistic buffoon.

I'm not going to write War and Peace just you can have your high word count that only wastes my valuable time.

Of course not. You couldn't write a pamphlet on writing pamphlets.

The way you're acting, it's just not worth the effort.

Says the asshole Who. Keeps. Coming. Back. For. More. Over. And. Over. Again.

And besides all that, you should learn that short sweet sentences are all that is needed.

LOL, such a noob. Different tools for different jobs. But I guess when all you have is a micropenis...

A six second story does not need a 30 minute setup and the high drama to lure in an audience. Save that for the movies and soap operas. In and out, nobody gets hurt. Simplicity is god. Save the pity for yourself there, buddy.

But it apparently needs lot of short filler sentences that have nothing to do with what we're discussing and even contradict their supposed intent. Gotcha. You do know you spend more explaining yourself and your methods than you do actually discussing the subject? You really are a weak sister.

Comment Re:Naturally they'll investigate to help HRC. (Score 1) 148

They're not prosecuting, they're investigating. And in terms of them being treated equally - they did investigate HRC, but found there wasn't enough wrongdoing to make it worth prosecuting.

And... it's unlikely the FBI will prosecute any of the hackers, albeit this time because the hackers are likely not within any US court's jurisdiction.

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