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Submission + - Reddit imposes ban on non-consensual sexual content (

Mark Wilson writes: If you want to post naked pictures or videos of people on Reddit without their consent, you only have a couple of weeks to do so. As of March, the site is imposing a ban on content of an explicit nature that the subject has not given permission to be posted.

The cleanup of the site comes hot on the heels of news from Google that explicit content will be banned from Blogger. It also comes in the wake of last yearâ(TM)s Fappening which saw a glut of naked celebrity photos leaked online.

Submission + - Inventors Revolutionize Beekeeping

wombatmobile writes: For more than 5,000 years, apiarists donned protective suits and lit bundles of grass to subdue swarms of angry bees while they robbed their hives of precious, golden honey. Now two Australian inventors have made harvesting honey as easy as turning a tap — literally. Cedar Anderson and his father Stuart have just been rewarded for a decades worth of inventing and refining with a $2 million overnight success on Indiegogo. Their Flow Hive coopts bees to produce honey in plastic cells that can be drained and restored by turning a handle, leaving the bees in situ and freeing apiarists from hours of smoke filled danger time every day.

Submission + - I am terminally ill. What wisdom should I pass on to my budding geek daughter? 1

An anonymous reader writes: Dear Slashdot:

I am a scientist and educator who has been enjoying and learning from Slashdot since the late 90s. Now I come to you, my geek brothers and sisters, for help. I've been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, which you will remember is what took Steve Jobs and Randy Pausch from us. My condition is incurable. Palliative chemotherapy may delay the inevitable, but a realistic assessment suggests that I have anywhere from two to six months of "quality" time left, and likely not more than a year in total.

I am slowly coming to terms with my imminent death, but what bothers me most is that I will be leaving my wife alone, and that my daughter will have to grow up without her father. She is in sixth grade, has an inquisitive and sharp mind, and is interested in science and music. She seems well on the path to becoming a "girl geek" like her mother, an outcome I'd welcome.

Since I will not be around for all of the big events in her life, I am going to create a set of video messages for her that she can watch at those important times or just when she's having a bad day. I would like to do this before my condition progresses to the point that I am visibly ill, so time is short.

In the videos I will make clear how much I treasure the time we've spent together and the wonderful qualities I see in her. What other suggestions do you have? What did you need to hear at the different stages of your life? What wisdom would have been most helpful to you? At what times did you especially need the advice of a parent? And especially for my geek sisters, how can I help her navigate the unique issues faced by girls and women in today's world?

Please note that I'm posting anonymously because I don't want this to be about me. I'd prefer that the focus be on my daughter and how I can best help her.

Thank you so much for your help.

Submission + - Domestic US Police department black sites? (

An anonymous reader writes: "Brian Jacob Church spent the better part of a day shackled inside Chicago's Homan Square, denied access to an attorney, before police finally sent him to be booked and charged. Lawyers say the facility is the domestic equivalent of a CIA black site. "-The Guardian
Does the Slashdot crowd have any insight on this?

Submission + - Houston researchers using nanoparticles to speed blood clot busting (

MarkWhittington writes: When a person is brought into the emergency room, having suffered a heart attack or stroke, one of the first things the trauma team will do is to administer clot busting drugs. The idea is that in cases where a clot has caused the trauma, blood flow has to be reestablished as quickly as possible to minimize the damage. Minutes and even seconds count between the patient having a speedy recovery or else spending months in rehab and possibly having permanent impairment. Gizmag reported that some new research being conducted at Houston Methodist Research Institute has the potential to speed up the blood clot busting, helping stroke and heart attack patients to recover faster.

Submission + - Comcast and Time Warner - Match Made in Heaven

whitesea writes: I must admit that I protested the merger and even submitted a comment to FCC that they needed to protect Time Warner customers from Comcast. I have now discovered that I was wrong, and this is indeed a perfect match. Remember all these articles that told us about Comcast employees changing names of complaining customers to something obscene? Here is a proof that Time Warner employees have already been trained in such customer service niceties.

Submission + - Pebble Time released to overwhelming support on Kickstarter ( 1

DJAdapt writes: The successor to the Pebble & Pebble Steel smartwatch, Pebble Time is back on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, hitting its $500,000 goal in 17 minutes and hitting the $2M mark in less than an hour. The new wearable, available in three colors initially, is touting a new color e-paper display and microphone for responding to notifications. Apart from that are features that Pebble users are already familiar with such as 7 days of battery life, water resistance and an extensive library of watch faces and apps.

Who will be jumping on the new Pebble Time or will you be holding out for the upcoming release of the Apple Watch?

Comment Re:Options? (Score 1) 127

Yeah, the only difference appears to be the lighting placement and color. So the title is a bit misleading, should be "NASA allows public to chose what sort of lights go on the suit". It looks to be a bid to make the public feel more involved and therefor invested. Honestly, I hope it works.

Comment Pichia... but what Pichia (Score 1) 63

Some quick Wikitumbling has informed me that more than 100 species of this Pichia are known. I am curious as to which Pichia I want in my mouth to protect me. Of course some (maybe all?) Pichia is also known kill other molds that produce Aflatoxins which are " among the most carcinogenic substances known" . So where is the industry selling me Pichia (and other fun fungus/biomatter) in my yogurt (or better yet in a "green" mouthwash) so that I might both lower my chances to get cancer and defeat yeast infections?

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