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Comment Does it apply? Is it useful? (Score 2) 387

I've written several technical articles for magazines. While I do all of the writing at home, I certainly develop test cases and demonstrations at work.

My recent subjects are:

  • - systemd-nspawn
  • - openssl enc/rsautl/dgst
  • - RFC-1867
  • - SMB1/2/3
  • - Oracle TNS wrapped with SSL/TLS

...and I have a few things in the queue.

All of these topics are useful at work, and all either grew out of or into work-centric projects.

My employer also provides $0/yr education budget, so this is my way of keeping myself up to date in a manner that I consider reasonable and fair.

I've had no objections so far on this activity.

Submission + - Blind your ISP with Tor (linuxjournal.com)

emil writes: ISPs and wireless carriers are preparing to sell your internet usage history with the passage of S J Res 34. It is both ironic and unconscionable that regulators and carriers view subscriber telephone records as highly-privileged, but network traffic as theirs to take.

The Tor Project presents an effective countermeasure to blind their analytics. We cover Tor's theory of network operation, and provide detailed installation instructions for Android and desktop Linux.

Use of the Tor network will bring a unique set of bandwidth, latency, and security penalties. With the latest rule changes, this has become a price that we must pay.

Comment Idea for Microsoft (Score 1) 239

The people who need quality patches that have undergone thorough regression testing will likely pay for it.

"Windows Update Premium Subscription" should delay patches for all products until they are verified correct, and allow the user to schedule the patch runs.

$200/year, and many would likely pay it.

Comment No. p53 - the guardian of the genome. (Score 1) 128

All mammalian cells are constantly producing p53, and disposing of it. When they stop, repair or suicide should occur.


Once activated, p53 will induce a cell cycle arrest to allow either repair and survival of the cell or apoptosis to discard the damaged cell. How p53 makes this choice is currently unknown... First, the half-life of the p53 protein is increased drastically, leading to a quick accumulation of p53 in stressed cells. Second, a conformational change forces p53 to be activated as a transcription regulator in these cells....

Comment Quercetin (Score 1) 128

About a year ago it was discovered that the common dietary substance quercetin is able to kill senescent endothelial cells in the gi tract.


By transcript analysis, we discovered increased expression of pro-survival networks in senescent cells, consistent with their established resistance to apoptosis. Using siRNA to silence expression of key nodes of this network, including ephrins (EFNB1 or 3), PI3K, p21, BCL-xL, or plasminogen-activated inhibitor-2, killed senescent cells, but not proliferating or quiescent, differentiated cells. Drugs targeting these same factors selectively killed senescent cells. Dasatinib eliminated senescent human fat cell progenitors, while quercetin was more effective against senescent human endothelial cells and mouse BM-MSCs. The combination of dasatinib and quercetin was effective in eliminating senescent MEFs. In vivo, this combination reduced senescent cell burden in chronologically aged, radiation-exposed, and progeroid Ercc1/ mice. In old mice, cardiac function and carotid vascular reactivity were improved 5 days after a single dose.

Comment Re:Marshmallow $40 (Score 1) 55

It may have been a completely different environment in the early days, but the security has become critical. Russia had DOZENS of OEM phones using Mediatek processors sending device data back to China. BLU was doing the same thing here, and the same malware made it into the latest Barnes & Noble tablets. We are talking tens of thousands of devices here, and Russia is certainly moving in the direction of seizing all of Google's Android assets within their borders. A few more major security incidents, and we will be doing the same - Google only owns Android as long as congress says they do. Poof.

For myself, I DEMAND control of my device. I will be running Xposed, Cerberus, AdAway, Xprivacy, GravityBox, a bloat/freeze agent, and a wifi password viewer (among others). Any OEM that successfully prevents me from doing this crosses themselves off my list of acceptable suppliers.

Unfortunately, in order to obtain this control, I usually have to exploit OS flaws, then prevent the device from ever receiving OTAs again. This is stupid. One of the major OEMs should just sell copperheadOS with a functioning gapps. Power Android users HATE the manufacturers for the straitjackets of stock roms. Why make your customers hate you?

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