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Submission + - Scorpions may have lessons to teach aircraft designers (

elloGov writes: ""THE north African desert scorpion, Androctonus australis, is a hardy creature. Most animals that live in deserts dig burrows to protect themselves from the sand-laden wind. Not Androctonus. It usually toughs things out at the surface. Yet when the sand whips by at speeds that would strip paint away from steel, the scorpion is able to scurry off without apparent damage."
Dr Han Zhiwu of Jilin University and colleagues have found that surface irregularity in aircraft design could substantially minimize atmospheric dust damage that aircrafts endure. What implications if at all significant would such design have on drag and lift?"

Submission + - Pink Floyd take EMI to court (

elloGov writes: "The group, signed to EMI since 1967, are disputing the way payments for their digital sales are calculated...Their lawyer, Robert Howe QC, said EMI contend that the sale of individual tracks from albums 'only applies to the physical product and does not apply online'."

If courts side with EMI, wouldn't this defense be contradictory to the legal stance of EMI, "a proud member of the RIAA"


Submission + - Swedish pirates capture EU seat (

elloGov writes: Securing 7.1% of the votes and coming in fifth place, "Sweden's Pirate Party has won a seat in the European Parliament." The party campaigned for copyright law reformation. The conviction of the Pirate Bay four played a significant role in the party's promising success. "The establishment is trying to prevent control of knowledge and culture slipping from their grasp. When the Pirate Bay got hit, people realised the wolf was outside the front door." It's encouraging to see citizens rallying for change in government in politically unorthodox arenas.

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