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Journal ellem's Journal: [Danny Says] Danny's Fool Proof Excuse 10

Recently the family was at a hotel. I asked Danny to get me my shoes his reply was, "No. I can't. I'm naked." He was, in fact, naked at that point.

Several days later I asked him to do something:

Me: Danny, beer me!

Danny: No, I can't. I'm naked.

Me: (looking at him) No you aren't. You're totally wearing clothes.

Danny: Not anymore.

And then Danny was naked. In my living room. Naked as the day he was untimely ripp'd from mother's womb.


No, I can't. I'm naked.


You have to admit it's a pretty good excuse.

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[Danny Says] Danny's Fool Proof Excuse

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  • He's not losing his touch.
  • and come to the realisation that being naked is the reason to do things.
  • And from the mouth of babes, no less.

    I should see if I can find some strategically advantageous ways of applying this great wisdom. :^)
    • by FroMan ( 111520 )
      I can only assume that this idea is NSFW. Even in the porn industry, where you are supposed to work naked.
      • Actually, I regularly get asked to do stuff by people talking over the cube walls at work.

        "Hey, could you come over here a sec and help me [do X]?"

        "No I can't. I'm naked."



        "What did you say?"

        "I said I can't."

        "Yeah, but after that?"


        "You said something after...wait, I heard you say"

        "[soft voice] Naked."



        "What did you say?"

        "Leave me alone. I'm naked."

        And so on and so forth. I could have a lotta fun with this, and actually get work done, too, since most of the interruptions
        • by Degrees ( 220395 )
          "I'm the 'nay kid' - you ask me to do something when I'm busy, and I vote nay".
          • You'd say 'nay' to a chance to *&#$ with somebody's head?

            'Cause I'm all about the 'yay' on that count! :^)
            • by Degrees ( 220395 )
              Sorry - I said that badly.

              First you say naked, then, when asked for clarification, you announce that you are the 'Nay kid'.

              So yes, you do get to screw with their heads. ;-)

  • I have a modified version of this that I use on my wife, albeit unthinkingly most of the time.

    When I get home in the evening, one of the first things I do is take off my work clothes and put on a pair of sweat pants, sans shirt, shoes or much of anything else. Apparently, I do this very quickly; or so my wife tells me. The end result is that she will want to get me to go out and do something but will pull up short because of my now half-dressed state.

    Of course, I usually still end up doing what she as

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