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Comment Re:Slower (Score 1) 490

Your solution is a non-starter. There is a sizable portion of the population that does not have smartphones. Banks can have debit cards produced for pennies in volume. They aren't going to go along with a system where either they are artificially limited to people with smartphones already or they have to outfit people with smartphones at their (the banks') expense.

Comment Re:Slower (Score 1) 490

Why don't we use disposable QR codes that they scan for the transaction? That would seem to be a more secure and easier to implement solution; the equipment is already there, it would just require software.

I've re-read this and now it makes even less sense. Please explain how this system of one-time use QR codes works -- I suspect you have a smartphone involved in some way which isn't going to work for replacing consumer plastic cards.

Comment Re:Slower (Score 1) 490

Why don't we use disposable QR codes that they scan for the transaction? That would seem to be a more secure and easier to implement solution; the equipment is already there, it would just require software.

I wasn't aware most barcode readers can also read QR codes -- maybe only at the stores you frequent.

Comment Re:Thoughts? I wish I had the enterprise version (Score 1) 480

Leave WHAT? Leave town? Is there any chance you could make your point comprehensibly?

Leave the Windows Platform? You know, the topic I was replying to, as evidenced by the portion of the parent's post I quoted, and even boldfaced for emphasis? Or is using inference in reading comprehension too difficult for you?

Comment Re:Thoughts? I wish I had the enterprise version (Score 1) 480

That would be good. Because I am not sure I can be Windows-free until 2020, and the Enterprise Edition of Win10 would be the only one I would even consider for replacing my Win7 Pro...

Windows 7 is supported through January 2020. Wouldn't it make sense to just leave at that point?

Comment Re:Relief! (Score 5, Interesting) 480

No, I think that's forever ruined.
They can't install Windows 10, but they can add all sorts of spyware to what you have via system updates, and they have already tried.
So from now of you will need to have automatic updates off and actually check up on each update before installing.

I have about a half-dozen I'm preventing from installing now because one of them causes my Firefox to crash all the time. Not sure which one, most of them are security-related regarding graphics drivers or something like that. All I know is, Firefox stayed running before I installed them and once it started crashing uninstalling them fixed it.

I might say something to Microsoft, but their response it either going to be blaming Firefox or saying I have to update to Windows 10 to fix it.

Comment Firefox Extensions (Score 1) 184


* Classic Theme Restorer - To undo stupid ideas introduced with Australias.

* DownloadThemAll - To make quick work of downloading a large number of individual images or links on a page.

* The Camelizer - For historical charts of Amazon pricing on items.

* Hover Hound - Because sometimes NewEgg is the better deal even without my Prime shipping.

* UBlock Origin - For general adblockng.

* Ghostery 5.4.11 - Because version 6.0+ has a shitty interface.

* New Private Tab - Allows you to open private browsing as a new tab with other (non-private) tabs on the same window, as opposed to an entirely separate window. Also allows you to swap the state of an existing tab between normal and Private mode.

* Torrent Status - To easily monitor and control a torrent client on a local machine or even a remote one. I use it as my normal torrenting is done through my NAS. I actually donated to the author of this one.

* Video DownloadHelper - For saving streaming media for offline usage.

Comment Re:Was going to update new home desktop but now (Score 2) 528

I am in the process of reverting the two machines I had already upgraded back to Windows 7. Regrets, and hope Windows 10 spys are eliminated. In not, I can always install from media again, as both were clean licenses (not OEM crapware) I bought myself.

The spyware was backported to Windows Vista and above as system updates. If if you use a retail install disc you will have to block those updates from being applied afterwards.

Comment Re:... and you thought you owned your computer. (Score 1) 528

Microsoft is slowly but, apparently, surely removing the control of your computer from you and giving it to Microsoft.

The removal of the ability to turn off automatic updates foreshadowed all of this. First step to making sure your Windows is running with the features Microsoft wants is to prevent you from stopping them changing the OS after it's installed.

Comment Re:Is it feasible to block Cortana with the router (Score 1) 528

is there a way to configure openwrt to give an ip address of or something for the reuests that come through?

IIRC there was something posted a while back about these programs ignoring the hosts file... you'll need to do something in the firewall part of your router, either to deny connections to whatever IP or subnet(s) it uses or something else.

Congratulations! You failed to read the post you were replying to.

Comment Re:No back-doors to my personal devices (Score 1) 254

That's not unique to cellphones though. That's how general computing devices work on the internet. They are asking specifically for phones though so that's a bit odd in this case I think.

I think it's just a case of some LEO not understanding how technology works.
You mention all general computing devices work this way, and a smartphone is really just a small handheld computer, but he's not asking for computer encryption standards to be changed.

Comment Re:No back-doors to my personal devices (Score 2) 254

You can absolutely listen to their conversations and see their text messages. All you need is to convience a Judge to approve a wiretap order and the Carriers will let you spy to your hearts content.

If you're using an encrypted VoIP app or email to communicate, the carriers don't have access to the data either.
Not that I'm siding with this asshat. I'm just saying...

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