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Comment Re:Eurotards are just jealous (Score 1) 263

If weren't for the Russians fucking Hitlers army, you americans would have your nasty asses handed to you.

But I give you... I mean, Einsteins kudos. The Atomic Bomb saved you against the Janapese, btw the son of a bitch was german... hah, crazy shit huh.

Not sure if trolling or if really doesn't know history

Read about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, and learn how the war started. Hint: the Russians helped start it, and were aggressors in it, long before they were fighting the Nazis.

By the by, the US armed forces acquitted themselves quite well fighting a two-front war. That's something you can't quite say about any other nation involved in that conflagration, particularly Germany.

Comment Re:Payphone Scenario (Score 1) 165

Remember those? Back in the day, they were also used as a crutch by dealers and hookers standing around waiting to make a deal. Although they weren't fooling anyone, pretending to place a call was an excuse to legally (so to speak) hang in an area to avoid harassment from the police.

It might come in handy in the latest version of this old school tactic

If the dealers and hookers find this tactic useful, they likely were already there. Quite honestly, I don't think this is a major problem at rest areas on the Thruway.

Comment Re:How about... (Score 2) 165

Cuomo, I beg you. For God's sake... please designate a drinking zone. Please.

As a native Upstate New Yorker, I imagine gigantic inflatable curbs, 10-15 feet high, bordering the Thruway from Buffalo all the way to NYC. Just like bumper bowling. Put inflatable bumpers on the cars too, and let's have some fun! Every Thruway rest area would be well stocked with various types of alcohol, taxed well for the benefit of our schools. Cell phone use would not only be legal, but encouraged! I-90 and I-87 have never been so interesting.

Comment Re:This makes no sense. (Score 2) 165

No, have a real 'drunk driving is bad' law. None of that suspended license stuff.

1) If you are driving drunk, and kill someone, you are executed. No exceptions. 2) Do you even need another rule?

It's been repeatedly established that the death penalty is no deterrent to crime. What we need is a ban on people possessing mobile phones. People don't kill people, people driving and texting with mobile phones kill people. These dangerous weapons are too powerful to be in the hands of the general population. The Founding Fathers never imagined this when they crafted the First Amendment.


Comment Re:Myst DID change the face of gaming... (Score 1) 374

...its legacy lives on in the strength of game sales to casual gamers who aren't looking for real-time stress, true open-world experiences, or multiplayer competition.

I don't intend this as a general argument, but in my own experience, Myst was incredibly popular among people who didn't play a lot of computer games, but none of the people I knew who were regular computer gamers played it at all. Again, just an anecdote, but it wouldn't surprise me if there's a wider truth in it.

This is, anecdotally, my experience as well. I knew people whose parents played Myst. I didn't know anyone who was a gamer who played it. There were plenty of better titles out there for the gamer crowd.

Comment Re:Go drive around in GTA V for a while (Score 1) 374

Drive around in GTA V. Visit the beach. Go swimming and dive underwater. Check out the beach walk. Climb the mountains. Fly the blimp. There are about 20 square miles to explore, all with considerable detail.

That's the legacy of Myst.

I disagree. There were several games that predated Myst that were much more open. The Ultima series comes to mind, especially. Play any of the Ultima 7 games (which you still can do, search engine search "Exult Ultima," and be prepared to find a torrent for necessary data files). You could go so far afield, nowhere near where your plot-driven objective was, and find crazy mysteries and adventures (and if you were crafty enough, the Hoe of Destruction). There were dungeons that had nothing to do with the plotline scattered all over that ridiculously huge map. It's still worth a look, IMO. YMMV.

Comment Re:as it turns out... (Score 4, Interesting) 374

because for teenage boys shooting things and blowing stuff up is a lot more fun over the long hall

For the long hall, you'll need to haul the sniper rifle with you. For the short hall, a shotgun or assault rifle will do.

Speaking as someone who was a teenaged boy when Myst came out, I can honestly say no game interested me less than it did. I saw demos of it at the video game stores, and all the clerks would gush over it being amazing, groundbreaking, etc. I'd nod my head, say "okay dude, yeah, do you even know what you're talking about?" and go home to play Ultima VII. To me it looked like the Sierra * Quest games without the things that made those games fun.

The game that I believe was the most influential from that period in time was Wolfenstein 3D, which was the seminal FPS game in my opinion. As a shareware game, it reached an audience of "anyone who had a modem and the number of a BBS with a halfway-decent files section." It was over the top, just a bit camp, and a thousand percent fun. You can even play it on Facebook now. I got banned from my high school computer network for installing Wolf3D on the server. A teacher walked in and our entire Turbo Pascal class was slaying Nazis. My only defense was that it was more useful than learning Pascal. They were not amused.

I agree with the parent poster that the attributes of FPS games are very alluring to teenaged boys, but I wouldn't necessarily consider that a bad thing (or a good thing, either). It is what it is.

Comment Sounds like a dystopian nightmare (Score 3, Interesting) 138

I prefer my drinks made by human beings, who I can thankfully tip for pouring my two fingers of bourbon to three fingers, and also show my appreciation with a smile and conversation. Anything other than a human is just a vending machine. Remember that the next time you're out, and tip generously. They don't make much money.

Comment Re:An Infra-red laser? Why? (Score 1) 402

A bigger why, as far as I'm concerned, is why this is mounted in the fantail - the aft end of the boat - rather than in the front? Is a captain supposed to order the crew to "Turn tail and fire!"

It's where there was room for it. Things don't have to be complicated. If you look at the Austin-class LPD, which is what the USS Ponce is, there's a whole lot of open real estate back aft. LPD's have a welldeck at the stern used to lauch LCAC's and other amphibious landing vehicles. I assume they'll utilize that space for some support gear for the laser. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually installed a generator to power the laser in the welldeck. Ship's service power may not be sufficient, or be "clean" enough in terms of stable voltage and frequency (especially given the limited amount of power and the multitude of uses a ship has for that power during general quarters, and the fact this is a new and relatively untested system). Pure speculation on my part, however.

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