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Comment Re:Pay 2/3rds? (Score 1) 110

Also I see they're saying that being in this style of apprenticeship shall earn you a wage. The current wages for apprentices are typically around £2.73/hr, just over 1/3rd of the minimum wage. It doesn't say if they're planning to pay a higher wage, but it does say on the government site that the apprentice will earn a wage. It's obviously used for cheap labour, ie/ https://jobsearch.direct.gov.u... or https://jobsearch.direct.gov.u... two simply picked off the first page from the jobcentre website. To find 1000's more apprenticeships for extremely basic jobs (serving people at a shop counter for instance), simply search apprentice on their site.

This is simply the norm right now. It's a scam as it currently stands, will it be any different from the Digital Economy Minister?

Comment Pay 2/3rds? (Score 1) 110

A couple of years back tuition fees were capped at around £3k/yr, the Conservative government (with the help of the Liberal Democrats who actually pledged to make university free like it is in most of Europe or even in other parts of the UK) raised the cap for universities to £9k/yr, effectively tripling the cost. Now they're saying you can pay £3k/yr if you take a job at the same time?

Comment Growing Up (Score 1) 384

'We are reaching a place where the Internet is growing up. These changes represent a maturing (online) environment.' - what's so grown up about attaching real names to online posts? Is stifling anonymity really that mature, or is it just about easier peer pressure guided moderation with marketing prospects and profiling? Paper mail can be anonymous and they can send comments to newspapers that get published and people don't seem to have an issue with that, so what's the problem with it when it is online?

Comment Small and Unreliable Sample? (Score 3, Insightful) 205

It seems a little risky to make such a story with the maths they are using. As the article says they tested 32 hand prints, and 24 handprints were female, with the algorithm determining if the handprints belonged to a male or female painter having an accuracy of 60%. That doesn't seem very conclusive to me.

Comment The whole article in a post (Score 4, Informative) 122

I'm a Sky user in the UK, and I am here to post the text of the article:

"Website blocking has become a hot topic in the UK in recent weeks. Opponents of both voluntary and court-ordered blockades have warned about the potential collateral damage these blocking systems may cause, and they have now been proven right. As it turns out blocked sites can easily exploit the system and add new IP-addresses to Sky’s blocklist. As a result TorrentFreak has been rendered inaccessible to the ISP’s four million customers.

stop-blockedFollowing a High Court ruling last month, six UK ISPs are required to block subscriber access to the popular TV-torrent site EZTV.it.

The actions EZTV faces are not the first taken against a torrent site in the UK. The Pirate Bay, KickassTorrents and several other “pirate” sites have been blocked by previous court orders and remain inaccessible by conventional means.

However, over the past couple of days Sky subscribers noticed that the blocklist had been quietly expanded with a new site that’s certainly not covered by any court order – TorrentFreak.com.

Our site first became inaccessible on Wednesday night, only to be unblocked 14 hours later. However, about an hour ago it was again added to the blocklist.

The recent blocking spree is causing confusion among Sky subscribers who have no idea why TorrentFreak is longer accessible. However, we can confirm that the problem lies with Sky’s filtering software that is supposed to enforce the court-ordered torrent site blockades.

The owner of EZTV informed TorrentFreak that he used Geo DNS to point UK visitors to TorrentFreak’s IP-address. Soon after there were reports that our website had become inaccessible to Sky users."

Comment Re:The only winning move.... (Score 1) 435

It would help if reselling games had more value. Consider, new versions with come with DLC, second hand ones won't. New versions will come with all sorts of "cheap" passes for more DLC, second hand ones won't. PC games essentially can't be resold with many of them requiring online registration, or they tie you to something like Steam or EA's or Ubisoft's service. Consoles want to do what the PC has done for years.

For these reasons, unless you research every second hand game beforehand, buying used games is a minefield and if you want the "full game" with all the supposed DLC, it might cost less just to buy a new game with the DLC included. The customer has been screwed out of his right to sell his purchase properly.

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