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Submission + - Google Shows Us Why We All Need Robot Cars ( 2

thecarchik writes: The BrainDriver car is a cutting-edge concept, and interesting for potential mobility solutions for people with limited physical motion. But Google's robotic autonomous car could push mobility in an entirely different direction.

Imagine hopping into the back seat of your car, telling it to take you to work, and actually getting something done on the commute--without risking your life or those around you. For anyone that's seen the levels of distraction and poor driving during early-morning or late-night mass commute times, taking people out of the equation is definitely an attractive idea.

The fact is that a car equipped with radar and LIDAR and such can take in much more information, process it much more quickly and reliably, make a correct decision about a complex situation, and then implement that decision far better than a human can.

The Internet

Submission + - China pledges to step up Internet administration (

angry tapir writes: "China says it will step up administration of the Internet this year while continuing to build out the country's fiber-optic backbone and expand broadband access for consumers. Internet administration was mentioned in a keynote report on the work of the government to China's parliamentary session. It underlined the importance of culture and noted the need the "strengthen the development of civic morality" and "speed up the establishment of moral and behavioral norms that carry forward traditional Chinese virtues." The pledge comes amid revelations that DDoS attacks against WordPress last week allegedly originated from China."

Submission + - Witness the majesty of Space Shuttle Discovery (

minterbartolo writes: JSC SE&I Imagery Team's ascent imagery highlights video ( from STS-133 the final mission for Space Shuttle Discovery to deliver supplies, robonaut and the Permanent Multipurpose Module to the International Space Station.


Submission + - Iran Quietly Allows YouTube Access ( 1

RedEaredSlider writes: After 19 months, the Iranian government restored access to YouTube, roughly coinciding with the anniversary of the Islamic revolution.

According to Google's Transparency Report on Iran, YouTube's traffic had been at near-zero levels since June 12, 2009. That coincides with the massive unrest following a disputed election that returned Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinajad to office for another four-year term.

On Feb. 11, YouTube traffic suddenly rose, though it is still below 2009 levels.


Submission + - Can You Beat A Computer At Rock Paper Scissors? ( 1

tekgoblin writes: " It looks like the New York Times has created a game that uses artificial intelligence to outsmart you. It uses a simple game called Rock, Paper, Scissors which is pretty much known by everyone on the planet by now. The computer tries to mimic human reasoning by building on simple rules and statistical averages. So based on the rules of the game and your previous moves, the computer tries to make predictions on your next move. The game has 2 modes, the first being Novice where the computer learns the game from scratch, and veteran where the computer has experience of over 200,000 rounds of previous experience."

Submission + - Libyan Internet Shows Signs Of Life (

RedEaredSlider writes: The Internet in Libya is still devoid of traffic — mostly. YouTube showed as light spike in traffic yesterday, as did Gmail. But it is still near zero for the day and remains an example of one of the more sophisticated methods of cutting off communications, far more so than Egypt's brute-foce approach.

Submission + - Study Shows Technology Prevent us from Good Sleep (

Anonymous Coward writes: "Nearly two-thirds of Americans say they're not getting enough sleep and late-night computer use, texting and video games are a significant part of the problem, according to a national survey released today. Virtually all of Americans surveyed in the Sleep in America poll reported "very active" use of technology at least a few nights a week within an hour of bed. It is clear that we have a lot more to learn about the appropriate use and design of this technology to complement good sleep habits," said David Cloud, CEO of the National Sleep Foundation, which conducted the survey."
Open Source

Submission + - Gameduino: "Ridiculously Awesome" ( 1

beckman101 writes: "Gameduino is a DIY game platform built on a shield for the Arduino. It'(TM)s open source hardware (BSD and, for the code, GPL). Okay, that’s fairly cool. But what makes this project special is that this inexpensive board has hardware that'(TM)s capable enough to be interesting. The result is a lo-fi game console built on an FPGA that gives you retro graphics without being, you know, too retro. Games actually look good."

Comment Just change the name so it doesn't violate the IP (Score 3, Insightful) 265

Would that really be that much work? Call it's "Royal Adventure" or some such....change the character names, and be done with it. There's nothing that prevents them from making a Sierra "like" adventure game. I've always been mystified when some fan group works for years to build a game and gives up over a C&D because they are obviously violating the IP of the holder. Don't drop the project! Just change the particulars!

Comment Re:Starlight! (Score 1) 187

This sounds similar to Starlight, which the NSA uses for all kinds of "connect the dots" type intelligence activities.

In my experience Palantir has a lot to offer. But Starlight is definitely the more powerful tool. I've even seen cases where Starlight handled all of the data processing and analysis work before it was fed into Palantir since it's capabilities where so much better.


Submission + - Why are there so few good games for the Wii?

flibbidyfloo writes: According to, only 15 Wii games have achieved an average rating of 85% or higher. By comparison, the PS3, which has as a similar number of ranked titles, has 42 titles better than 85%. The Xbox 360, with over 500 ranked titles, boasts 56 games rated this high. Perhaps more telling, the Gamecube and its 450 or so ranked titles claims the grand prize with 62 reaching this top echelon. I'm counting a game as "ranked" if it has at least 10 published reviews.

Is it the controllers, which offer both enhanced and restrictive options for developers? Or maybe all the best developers avoid the Wii for some reason, like its relatively low processing and graphics power, or its image as a "kiddie" platform? I'm curious what both devs and gamers have to say, so maybe the /. community can help me out...

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