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Comment Re:Slow graphics on Macs? (Score 1) 313

Let's totally disregard games for a moment:

This may be self perpetuating, but as I understand it the Mac platform doesn't really have much 3D graphics intensive workstation software available. Users of Photoshop tend to overestimate their own need of graphics hardware, but apart from games, what need do OS X users have of 3D performance if they do not dual boot into Windows (or even Linux - I have to admit to a serious lack of knowledge about the state of Linux based platforms as 3D workstations)?

This is a serious question - I haven't really been part of the field since the battle stood between Alias|Wavefront and Softimage|3D. (I have to admit to liking LightWave 3D on the Amiga though, even though I always loved SGI hardware).

Comment Re:Not really... (Score 1) 122

I can add that back in 1999 or so, before GPRS was rolled out,I did some work for Ericsson with regards to GPRS here in Sweden. We never did talk about any 2.5G at that time. I think that 2.5G is sort of like a backronym, despite not being an acrynom. No one called GPRS 2.5G before the services called 3G were introduced.

As I remember it, we considered GPRS to be somewhat akin to wireless ISDN. This is all hazy recollection though, all the documentation I used to have would be under NDA even if I could find it today.


Sequels We'd All Like To See 514

Voodoo Extreme has a feature up that's a wishlist for future sequels. They run down some great game franchises that have been off the board for a little while, and wonder out loud about the possibility of new installments. Besides the usual suspects for lists like this (StarCraft, TIE Fighter, Descent, Ultima), they touch on some cult favorites that are ... less likely to show up in modern gaming. From the article: "Planescape Torment 2: The Poop -- Loved by many a forumgoer is Planescape Torment, a Dungeons & Dragons-themed RPG set in the other planes of existence. It was a dark game with evil undertones, but also lighthearted and funny at times. Just think Baldur's Gate with an M rating. The Scoop -- Odds of a sequel are equal to or greater than Elvis coming home on the mothership." Any oldies you'd like to see back on modern systems? While I really like many of the ideas listed here, the LucasArts classics Grim Fandango and Maniac Mansion are the ones I'd most like to see rehashed.

Submission + - Gaming your way to fitness

MC Jiggles writes: Is your former self a shadow of who you currently are? Ars Technica has an article on using video games to drop those pounds gained over the holidays. Using DDR 2 Extreme, Yourself Fitness, and EyeToy Kinetic on the PS2, the author managed to lose almost 20 pounds. 'Do these games make it easier to lose weight? Of course not; these two months took a lot of hard work, and I came close to quitting more than once. There is no "easy" way to get the pounds off. They do make it a little bit more enjoyable and put weight loss in a context that was more comfortable for me than a gym or a personal trainer.'

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