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Comment Re:Leave the original (Score 1) 542

Some friends and I were going to the movies thinking of seeing one film that looked like it was suppose to be pretty good and found out that it wasn't out yet and we had seen all the other movies that were out that we wanted to so we decided to give it a try and went in expecting a crap story that was little better than a romantic comedy but with fun action (brain melt is fun if that is what you expect, I liked the Expendables for what it was).

Uhh dude, that is a heck of a run-on sentence. LOL did you forget to take your ADD meds today?

Comment Re:These people don't stop existing, though (Score 1) 305

Well this is a whole new breed of cunt... In other words, the old cunts were hecklers, the new cunts are self-righteous assholes.

Hmm... are you totally oblivious to the irony of this statement? That complaining about "self-righteous assholes" makes you one too?

In fact, here's a video of what it's like to be assaulted by a hoard of these cunts:

So who actually is collecting and storing these so-called cunts? Oh you meant horde!

Funny, maybe. Insightful? Definitely not!

Comment Re:There are bigger problems to deal with first (Score 0) 403

Getting rid of anonymous posting, or even just requiring accounts, will kill off this site nearly immediately.

Maybe Slashdot in its current form SHOULD be killed off.

I would come here all the time if you got rid of anonymous cowards completely. They hardly bring anything useful to the table anyway.

A better idea is to stop posting politics and culture news, there are better sites for that type of news anyway.

I USED to to come here for tech news all the time as Slashdot used to be the BEST tech site out there, these days tech seems like an afterthought around here.

PS At least Noah Haders had the balls to log in to post, notice it was the anonymous coward calling him stupid.

Comment Re:The moderationg system needs an overhaul. (Score 1) 1839

- This site is a kook magnet. No doubt about it. It can be charming at times, but can also be a problem when the content to noise ratio gets too low. The last thing we need is for the kooks to see who downmodded them so they can go on a vendetta. They do that enough as is with people who try to talk sense to them.

Hey new owners,

You thought you were buying a tech website, not Reddit light with a shitter commenting and moderation system.

1) As far as the commenting system, everybody has mentioned unicode. Not being able to include images? Tres lame!

As far as the mod system, I get mod points when there are a lot of crap articles, when there are cool articles I have none available. When I run into a particularly good comment I have no mod points available.

Why do mod points expire? Why can't old timers like me, still hanging around in spite of this site being a pale shadow of its former self, not get a permanent pool of mod points to use in these situations?

If the old timers abuse this then you can remove their permanent mod points, but I have no axe to grind it will not happen in my case. I just get tired of having to scroll down through the 100s of racist, sexist, anti-gay posts without being able to do something to do something about them in order to make this a better site for all.

2) If you want to make this a great tech site why don't you test the users on their IT knowledge and give them privileges accordingly? A 15 minute test with 60 randomized questions about OSes, networking, databases, cloud, etc. If you do well you get a Ferrari license, if not you get a Yugo license.

Those with the Ferrari licenses will drive better and will tend to have more important things to say, those with the Yugo licenses can at least be identified more easily so us Ferrari drivers do not have to waste our time and energy on all the loony racist, sexist, and anti-gay trolls.

A new user with a Ferrari license should also get a permanent mod points unless they abuse the privilege. So together all those with the Ferrari licenses could collectively mod down the trash and up mod the gems.

But like socialism in the US this will never happen because it would mean Slashdot would need to get a better class of users. Which totally goes against Market-Droid 101 more is better than less, which implies that quality should not matter at all at least when it comes to stuff like ad impressions.

Comment Re:The moderationg system needs an overhaul. (Score 1) 1839

That should be a +5 Insightful comment, yet thanks to abuse of the mod system it's at -1.

Then put your fucking name on it and you will get the +5 Insightful you are lusting after.

However, only idiots seek external validation, all my comments are +5 Insightful it is just that you assholes are too stupid to realize it!

Comment Re:The moderationg system needs an overhaul. (Score 1) 1839

I post AC because I did not want to lend myself, or my identity in any way, to Dice as they tried to turn /. into their little toy
I post AC because I do not want to wear a brand for a corporate overlord
I post AC because nobody will come after me, my job, my employer, my family because they are a sociopath and disagree with what I am saying

Umm.. OK. So in reality you are telling us you are a big pussy who doesn't have the balls to speak out about important things you care about because you are scared of other people.

I am a socialist from Texas and regularly troll right-wing, gun-toting loons under my real name on G+ and have not been shot yet:

I regularly troll Donald Trump supporters, who are not the most stable people out there, and have not been stalked yet:

Why I even occasionally criticize those on the left with no problems whatsoever:

I had a big laugh when you said you were afraid they would come after your employer:

Yes sir, massah, I made sure all those bad people did not find out about all the crooked shit you are pulling, can I get an extra bowl of gruel tonight?

I also had to laugh because I am between jobs and I am having a hard time finding a new IT job because of age discrimination not because sometimes I can be a dick on G+.

But my generation was different, we grew up in the 1960s and were taught to confront bad shit, not to go and huddle in the corner of some safe space wailing and gnashing our teeth.

You know what an IP address is, don't you? And there is such a thing called big data? So unless you take great care to hide where your packets are coming from big business, the government, etc. know who you are.

I am much more worried about the shit big business and government pull than that of some random nut-job on the internet.

PS The other poster was correct, you are paranoid and should seek professional help immediately!

Comment Re:The moderationg system needs an overhaul. (Score 1) 1839

But stopping people like the APK spammer - people who nobody want around - yeah, feel free to do that. :)

There was only one APK and many ACs posting as APK. To be fair most of the spam I saw was due to the ACs posting as APK not APK him/herself.

The best thing this site can do is limit AC comments big time. Better to not get all the crap comments than to have a bunch of them and then have to filter through through all the crap looking for an occasional nugget of gold, a task made harder due to a seriously broken mod system.

It would also help cut down on all the racist trolls, the SJW stuff, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Believe it or not once upon a time you would read a Linux story and people would talk about shell scripting, etc. But Linux has also changed, these days people mainly bitch about systemd on Linux stories.

But them again back then most of the members were adults instead of 13 year-old kids living in their parents' basement.

Comment Re:Old timers don't bother to learn the simple thi (Score 1, Funny) 182

You must be an old timer!

Only old folks think that's not simple, and I don't for the life of me know why!

Nothing could be simpler, I just *don't get* where these old folks are coming from!

Really, I don't understand why old folks don't understand these things - everything is so simple!

There is a fine line between being funny and being an ASSHOLE and you definitely are not funny.

My first computer course was at Rice University, programming PL/1 on an IBM mainframe with punch cards. I programmed COBOL and FORTRAN on VMS on a VAX at the University of Houston. I used UNIX before Torvalds ever thought of making Linux.

I used OS/2 Warp when everybody was suffering through Windows 95. I started using Linux when IBM killed off OS/2. I ran WebCT on Solaris for over 6,000 professors and students at Texas A&M University Kingsville.

And that is just stuff over 8 years ago. At Rackspace I spent 5 years supporting Managed Linux customers then 3 years in Operations supporting the engineers working on their cloud infrastructure.

I have probably forgotten more about computers than you will ever know in your entire life.

Maybe you would not have to attempt to be funny and people would actually listen to your ravings if you knew how to keep your shitty little website online:

Just another sign that Slashdot has jumped the shark sign since only ASSHOLES like you seem to come to Slashdot these days.

LOL the worst part is that you are probably just another hipster wannabee who thinks that running a Mac makes you cool!

Comment Re:Trump could be elected today (Score 1) 239

Oh, and let's not forget that the lead Democratic candidate has accomplished nothing in her career, and the democratic runner-up is a Socialist. A SOCIALIST!

You are correct that Trump appeals to a lot of White Democrats, Democrats that probably won't vote for Hillary anyway.

The reason people are deriding Trump's comments as racist is because they are but comparing him to Hitler is pure fantasy.

He is Americas's Silvio Berlusconi, and you see how well Italy did with that fool in charge.

And by the way, nice job ignoring the head-to-head polling that shows Sanders beating Trump, Americans want change but not crazy change.

Finally as an official minority thanks for your overt racism. It is much better than the passive-aggressive racism you White folks usually have!

Comment Re:Many legal immigrants support Trump. (Score 1) 239

And yes, he has made blanket statements. Look at for example his comment from his announcement speech where he said:

When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

This wasn't a claim that most Mexican immigrants are good with a few bad apples. This was a statement that they are bad, except possibly "some" who might be good that he has to "assume" exist. This is about as blanket as one can get without using a universal quantifier. Similar remarks apply to his statements about Muslims and POWs (who are apparently losers for being captured while serving their country).

Dude, don't waste your breath.

Those of us of Mexican background are used to the abuse, like they say, that that does not kill us strengthens us.

Trump has already destroyed just about all of the progress the GOP has made in reaching out towards Hispanics in the US.

About the only Hispanics that support the Republicans these days are the Cuban Americans and most Hispanics I know dislike the Cuban Americans.

As a Chicano I have met a range of Hispanics from Mexico to Colombia to Argentina to El Salvador to Spain and all but the Cuban Americans have been pretty decent people.

The Cuban Americans moan and groan about Castro and the Cuban Revolution but remember that these are the same people that fled to the US because they were too cowardly to fight against Castro.

Let the lunatics supporting The Donald rant and rave, it may actually be better for Hispanics if he were the GOP nominee.

Comment Re:Will people ever shut up about Donald Trump? (Score 0) 239

A large amount of them are. And you forgot one: thieves. I don't think I have ever met a mexican that was not a thief.

So I guess all Scots are cheap and all Irish are drunks and all White Americans are racist assholes.

Why be anonymous? Why are you a such a wuss? Afraid of being beat up by a Chicano before he steals your girlfriend?

Oh wait, he can't steal your right hand so your girlfriend is safe!

It is jerkoffs like this that give all White Americans a bad name.

Hey Dice, slashdot is at death's doorstep, maybe you should think of putting it out of its misery.

I for one will definitely be spending even less time here in 2016.

Comment Re: Good for CMU. (Score 1) 72

Libertarianism doesn't require faith in that. The mix of people actually enjoying acting out of altruism and the situations where people acting for their own good inherently results in the good of the commons (competition, efficiency improvements) is enough for a lot of things and is quite demonstrable without any faith needed.

Uh, OK, if you say so.

By the way, if you are looking for an investment there is some land in Chile you may be interested in:

Comment Re:collaborative editing is in the pipeline (Score 1) 67

Actually, I use + Etherpad, Ethercalc, and Hacker Slides.

I have mod points but I would rather say thanks for the pointer to sandstorm.

The use of randomized hostnames for separation to increase security is an interesting design choice, but it will have to be self-signed wildcard certs because wildcard certs are still pretty pricey.

I gave the demo at at a run through, it is actually a pretty neat framework.

I noticed mongo mentioned in the the debug log, I need to take look at the code because I hear Postgres does NoSQL pretty well these days.

Over the years slashdot comments have really gone downhill, just when you are about ready to give up reading the comments you discover something cool.


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