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Comment Re:Warning: Windows 10 is draining your battery (Score 1) 377

Chrome may be a bigger part of that than Linux.

I've an i5/4/128gb SP3 which is still running Windows 8.1. Recently I got annoyed at the modern IE so threw on Chrome and have been using it as the default browser for the last few weeks and have noticed a similar drop in battery life.

I noticed the same thing. If I run with ~170 tabs open in Chrome, it sucks battery life and memory.

If I run with ~25 tabs in IE, it crashes.

Comment Re:"Google works better with Chrome" (Score 1) 377

Google is the most anti competitive company on the face of the Earth, uses Youtube as a means of subverting artist's profit, and is front for the CIA/NSA

I think I like Microsoft more.

You're damn right. When I upload unlisted videos of my kids for grandma to watch, Google isn't paying me! I demand money for using their excellent hosting platform for free!

Comment Re:Soros? (Score 1) 1145

There is one, serious, flaw in your otherwise insightful opinion.
You make the incorrect assumption that if UBI were to function properly, the other agencies would shut down.

This is not the case, never has been, and never will be. Any gov't agency, once created, will find a way to continue to exist, simply to keep people employed. I work in the gov't sector and unless you have been in it, you would not believe how much waste there is, and *no one* will do anything about it. In point of fact, there's even an incentive *not* to do anything about it.
So you get the 3 trillion (or so) for UBI, but the gov't welfare dept doesn't shut down just because another agency is doing their job. They'll (or more accurately the people who want it be funded and in business) find excuses to keep it going.

So now you have the 3T for UBI, plus the prior existing overhead and the budget can't support both.

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