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Comment And it will never happen (Score 1) 210

Win10 was designed *from the ground up* with telemetry and spayware/malware/whathaveyou in mind.

You will never get them to "turn it off", at best you'll get "minimal" and it will require 3rd parties to fix (if they can, closed source and all that)

Why use it to begin with, if you have the option, use anything else, but not Win10.

Submission + - Buh-bye, H-1B's 1

DogDude writes: From the Washington Post: Trump and Sessions plan to restrict highly skilled foreign workers. Hyderabad says to bring it on.
"Trump has described H-1Bs as a “cheap labor program” subject to “widespread, rampant” abuse. Sessions co-sponsored legislation last year with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) to effectively gut the program; Issa, a congressman with Trump’s ear, released a statement Wednesday saying he was reintroducing similar legislation called the Protect and Grow American Jobs Act."

Comment Depends on what you mean by "gaslighting" (Score 5, Insightful) 433

The problem with "gaslighting", as I wrote here, is that it tends to be used in two contexts, one legitimate (people lying about factual events) and one illegitimate (people disagreeing on interpretations of those events). Based on what I'm reading here, it looks like some of both: the unscheduling in particular seems like a red flag, but a lot of the other stuff is contextual and missing details. Furthermore, the fact that the author complains about coworkers' criticisms — and in particular, the criticism of someone they label as a "superstar" within the company, i.e. a person who has developed a sterling reputation — leads me to question the submitter's competence. So, I would advise,

  • If you know from prior work experience that you are competent and the work environment is toxic, leave, knowing you can find a better employment situation elsewhere.
  • But also be open to the idea that you may have your own "crisis of competence" here.

Comment It's obvious (Score 1) 293

Diminishing returns.
Do what maximizes profits, ignore the rest.
Considering the cash Apple has, they're on the right track.
Note: I don't agree with said track, but the edge users don't justify the costs involved, so out they go.

Business 101: Cash is king.
And as long as Apple makes bucketloads of cash from their current iProducts, they will. When it stops, they will re-evaluate where they are in the world, but not before then.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 1) 215

This is the coolest thing I ever heard of.

The question is: how long was he able to run the scam before getting busted - could he have folded up shop and skipped town before catching the heat?

Not that I'm advocating the behavior, but getting a business license in Washington State costs something like $500. Probably cheaper than paying for porn sites for years.

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