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Comment Re:"Alien vs. Predator" Movie or Video Game? (Score 1) 116

AvP is a relatively modern game. Came out in the last year or so.

Actually, there are more than a dozen AvP games according to the Wikipedia:

I liked the AvP 1999 a lot and at first glance I did not understand why they showcase a 11-year old game.

Now I know I will have to buy an AvP 2010 with my next AMD laptop ;)

Comment Re:Is it worth the effort? (Score 1) 161

I said Linux has no direct equivalent to Solaris Zones. That statement is true, your foul mouth non-withstanding.

No, you said:

Solaris Zones is an example of operating system virtualisation. There is no direct equivalent on Linux. There is a single kernel for all the zones. A single set of device drivers. A single process tree. Potentially a single storage system. It's extremely lightweight compared to virtual machines.

All the above is true to Linux VServers - single kernel, single set of device drivers, single process tree*, potentially a single storage system, and it is extremely lightweight compared to virtual machines.

You should re-read the definition of strawman.

I still beleive that you are trying to pull a strawman. You said that there is no kernel-level virtualization for Linux - I pointed out that there is a kernel-level virtualization for Linux with roughly the same advantages/features you listed in the above quote, and now you are trying to imply that I said the VServer and Zones have exactly the same features. That looks like a nice fat strawman.

You should re-read the definition of strawman. You aren't using the term correctly.

And then you are trying to attack my person instead of trying to counter my statements. You are indeed full of shit.

You are right that I have a foul mouth, on the other hand.

* I think it's a single process tree per context, but it can be viewed as one tree with "vpstree".

Comment Re:Is it worth the effort? (Score 1) 161

The "in what ways it is better" question was answered 5 posts up.

You, Sir, are full of shit.

You weren't even mentioning VServers 5/6 posts up.

You were talking about hardware virtualization and stating that Linux has no operating system virtualization (like VServer).

And you are trying to pull a strawman on me.

You are a nice fit with Oracle, it seems.

Comment Re:Is it worth the effort? (Score 1) 161

Let me quota the FAQ you linked in:

Q: Are containers like Linux vServers?
A: The basic model used to implement the Solaris 10 Containers feature set and the Linux vServers project are fairly similar. However, the implementation is different. (More coming soon!) [Updated August 2005]

So, basically, five years ago they said nothing except that the feature set is similar and they said nothing ever since.
Not much answer for a "in what ways it is better" question, I think.

Comment Re:Is it worth the effort? (Score 2, Informative) 161

Linux VServer is very similar (one kernel, multiple contexts, shared memory, optionally shared or dedicated filesystems, optionally shared or dedicated network interfaces, minimal overhead). Debian has vserver enabled kernels in the repository - not sure about other distributions, because I don't really care ;)
I am running a dozen of less important and/or discountinued and/or shitty services in these vservers and I just love them.
The funny thing is that you can run KVM and Vserver on the same server (and maybe even Xen ;), putting other OSes and nasty stuff into full virtualization and performance-hungry tasks to Vservers.

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