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Comment Is Dryriver new to this whole tech space? (Score 1) 383

Seriously, this user has submitted many open ended, or inexperienced questions. Check out the users submission history:

No, all software anywhere will never happen. Period. You would have to force everyone to code in specific cross platform languages and frameworks, and force hardware vendors to only develop based around specific platforms and restrictions. It will never happen. Imagine not having Arduino as a platform, because it's limited power and function is great at embedded systems. Platforms are selected for specific software based on what the developer wants to create. Low power? Graphics power? CPU power? Different use cases need different platforms.

Comment Folks - you're thinking the wrong context (Score 1) 87

So having to deal with this with my GF - there is a legit need. For example, a dev will say 'do you want a responsive or non-responsive website'. Devs understand what responsive stands for - the accountant is looking for a 101 type answer. When you start talking about technologies, knowing what a wireframe is, and how it applies to a time line is critical. There is geek jargon for every discipline, and knowing a bit about what phrases mean to a non-tech is a legit concern. For example, if they're proposing a Flash based site, and the target mobile users, it's not a good fit. Unless the dev is of the right mindset and patient, the customer can become really frustrated, to the point they're blindly accepting the dev's recommendations, and then there are issues when the finished product doesn't work.

Comment LTO for backup is dead, but alive for archive (Score 1) 284

There is a huge difference. RTOs no longer allow for the time to restore from it, but long term archival to take is very viable. It's power is that the medium is separate from the mechanics of the heads and drive motors. You can replace a drive with a newer one and read a few generations older tape - but if a hard drive has an internal breakdown, you're sending it in to a data recovery company.

Comment Microsoft has it's own internal CA (Score 3, Interesting) 176

So wrong in so many ways. Any reason you wouldn't purchase a 100 year certificate and just roll with it? Too bad about 1/3 of all Azure disk space is used for endpoint backup. This reminds me of the leap-year calculating bug - Feb 29 2012, you couldn't generate a site because the default is to generate a certificate for 1 year, and well, Feb 29 2013 just doesn't exist.

Comment XBox would be spun out to existing shareholders (Score 1) 404

They would spin off the Entertainment Division into a separate company to existing shareholders, but the risk would be that the exodus of MSFT stockholders after that. XBox is a huge brand that has lots of value that is looking up, not down. It may be a job saving tactic for Ballmer, but I doubt it would work.

Comment Hardware things you have to consider (Score 1) 272

So off the top of my head:

- For HyperV & Xen you need VT-enabled hardware, latest Intel & AMD only
- Go for more than 4gb of RAM, part of this is about pushing a few limits, and you'll want to run a few VM's at the same time
- Get a hardware RAID card - I think the LSI MegaRAID SATA-150 is about as standardized and supported as it gets - ESX/ESXi work fine, and Xen and HyperV should all work
- Use laptop drives for your RAID set - they fit much nicer into cases (4x320's gives you 900gb)
- Go for 2-3 network adapters - Intel or Broadcom only (10/100 is fine)

Pick a base OS and run VMWare Server - trust me on this. Instead of reinstalling the OS off of cd, you're mounting the cd in the VM and doing your installs without the legwork. You can also download pre-built demo appliances so you spend your time dealing with the product (Oracle, IBM, etc), rather than tweaking out your CentOS config.

If you're going to stick with VMWare ESX/ESXi you can get any server hardware from the last 3 years. Sun x4100's, Dell 1750/2650's, HP DL380/385's all work fine, though RAM is mostly still expensive :-p.

Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Apple no longer available via Insight Direct

ejoe_mac writes: Every day I rely on to provide my customers with a complete product suite and competitive pricing (and credit terms). I was amazed to hear and now see that they are no longer carrying Apple products. My understanding is that since Insight wasn't going to take an Apple-centric sales approach, they were not going to be able to sell Apple products. Apple-centric sales — yea, forget that pc thing and here's a Mac Mini — come on! For Apple to try to dictate to a tier 1 vendor how their products are sold to Corporate customers is ludicrous! Apple doesn't target big business (by their own mouth) so to cut off an existing established sales channel to big businesses (CEO's assistant wants a Macbook Air) is wrong.

Check out the brands that they list — notice no Apple? I purchase everything from them, due to ease, availability, and shopping around doesn't count as billable hours. I trust that I'm getting a fair price, and can be certain that if I need something delivered on Saturday, it will be there. Figure it out Apple!

Submission + - Speakeasy Launches ADSL2 ( 1

ejoe_mac writes: Speakeasy is starting to qualify loops for ADSL2 circuits for speeds up to 15/1mbps! Finally, an option in Qwest areas not served by Verizon FIoS service.

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