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Submission + - Crowdfunding the theory of everything (

einar.petersen writes: In a proud tradition of pursuing unique research topics Danish scientists are seeking to fund their research on the theory of everything in a rathet unconventional way, namely via crowdfunding.

The two researchers have launched a campaign that as of writing is 55% funded.

If there ever was any noteworthy news for geeks, this must be it!!!

Check out the campaign at:

Submission + - Exopolitical petition on Congressional hearings suffers more attacks

einar.petersen writes: January 7, Paradigm Research Group (PRG) submitted "Disclosure Petition VII — Congressional Hearings" to the White House.

It calls for President Obama to support congressional hearings to take testimony from military, agency, political witnesses to events and evidence confirming an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

In a strange turn of events the petition seems to have been suffering a range of difficulties since it was put up leading to speculation across the web of deliberate sabotage attempts, the latest setback being someone posting multiple signatures naming him/her/itself, as ET trying to make a mockery about a very serious attempt to bring perhaps the most important subject of the millennium to the attention of political actors of the world.

PRG executive director Stephen Bassett, has done an immense job collecting information and making sure departing and newly inaugurated Congress members have received hours upon hours of witness testimony on the subject matter from military, agency and political domain and now calls upon the White House to allow hearings on the subject.

The petition resides on the White House website at:

The Paradigm Research Group can be found on: http://paradigmresearchgroup.o...

Discounting the seemingly current sabotage attempt, the petition should be above at least 10.000 valid signatures at this time, with some way to go before reaching the 100.000 needed to warrant a reply from the Whitehouse.

However given PRG's track record and the massive interest of the American people in the subject matter, it should be entirely plausible that the petition reaches those numbers, prompting a potentially very interesting hearing.

In lieu of actual Congressional hearings, from April 29 to May 3, 2013 researchers, activists, and military/agency/political witnesses representing ten countries gave testimony in Washington, DC to six former members of the United States Congress about events and evidence indicating an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

You can read more about those hearings and access them via

Submission + - Another chance for disclosure on extraterrestrial related events and evidence ?

einar.petersen writes: After a successful Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (CHD) at the National Press Club, Washington, DC and the White Houses official discouraging stance on the matter of disclosure being:

"The U.S. government has no evidence any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public's eye."

The Paradigm Research Group ( http://paradigmresearchgroup.o... ), based on the availability of military/agency/political witnesses and researchers willing to go before congress to swear to the opposite, is petitioning The White House and the President to allow official congressional hearings on the matter.

A 100.000 signatures in total are needed for an official response by The White House and it will be interesting to see what the end result will be.

The petition can be found here

The full video record of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure has been delivered to all congressional offices as part of a Congressional Hearing Initiative dedicated to achieving comprehensive hearings.

For the skeptics and believers alike, downloads of the CHD are at:

So where does the /. community put it's 5 cents ?

Submission + - Extended session logging ends in Denmark (

einar.petersen writes: In what could be seen as a victory for online privacy the following news from the Danish Ministry of Justice seems to have trickled in today.

The massive session logging as per mandate of the Danish Government going far beyond the session logging deemed illegal by the European Court of Justice looks like it is coming to an end as per announcement from the Danish Mnistry of Justice.

The move will likely be applauded by industry bearing the costs of the logging and privacy enthusiasts alike. Though people are already questioning what is to happen with already logged sessions etc.

Google translate of text here:

Original text is in Danish

Submission + - Robots and irradiated parasites enlisted in the Fight against Malaria (

einar.petersen writes: Sanaria is a biotechnology company dedicated to the production of a vaccine protective against malaria caused by the pathogen Plasmodium falciparum has developed a vaccine that in trials has proven to be 100% effective.

Annually, malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum causes greater than 300 million clinical cases and one million deaths, is responsible for loss of greater than 1% of Gross Domestic Product in Africa

They are now on a crowdfunding mission to raise a mere 250.000 USD to build a Robot that can harvest irradiated parasites from mosquitoes.

If that is not a crowdfunding effort worthy of slashdot interest then I would think none is...

Imagine preventing millions of deaths and it involves Robots and Radiation!!!... They can certainly count me in...

Submission + - Outbreak of common sense and decency at NASA (

einar.petersen writes: In a reversal of the by many considered shameful and most un-international decision to ban Chinese scientists to participate in an international conference on "EXO PLANETS" i.e. planets lightyears upon lightyears away, due to national security concerns (get the pun?). NASA owns up their ban on Chinese nationals participating in the conference was possibly an over interpretation of US law regarding foreign Chinese nationals and the laws in place to safeguard America from lurking danger of nations spying upon it...

The ban saw strong reactions from Scientific Institutions and Scientific Leaders around the globe and NASA actually faced a real danger of Scientists from around the globe boycotting the conference due to their earlier decision as calls were going out into the global scientific community to do so.

Concerns or no concerns about national security and interpretation of laws thereabout, it is good to see science once again being treated as an international cooperation between peers to the benefit of mankind

Submission + - Storyplanet Held Hostage by freelance developers (

einar.petersen writes: So Danish Entrepreneur Bjarke Myrthu has sent an email to his users that he feels he has to throw in the towel after a Web Drama including the Kidnapping of his site and service development dream.

Seemingly two freelance developers have held hostage and tried to extort control of the company or services from Bjarke Myrthu rendering it impossible for him to continue developing the site for his users.

Having had some experience with using freelancers hired over the web using quite strict terms in my job description I'd like to hear from the Slashdot community what they think should be done in a scenario like this, how could Bjarke Myrthu wrestle back control of his dream from what must be dubious cooperation partners according to the article and how do you protect yourselves from becoming embroiled in legalities when hiring freelancers for your projects via online freelancer services.

The Original Danish article

Translated article courtesy google

Submission + - Farewell Nokia (

einar.petersen writes: Microsoft is in these hours apparently working to secure a complete buyout of the Finnish Mobile Manufacturer that will result in 32000 additional employees being transferred Microsoft, albeit a large number it is less than it could have been as former Microsoft Executive Stephen Elop has already slashed 20.000 Nokia jobs during his tenure at Nokia.


einar.petersen writes: "The owner of Lavabit tells us that he's stopped using email and if we knew what he knew, we'd stop too.

There is no way to do Groklaw without email. Therein lies the conundrum.

What to do?"

So go the first lines in a lengthy and thought provoking goodbye to Groklaw readers...

Social Networks

Submission + - Putting a stop to doing something for the social good!!! (

einar.petersen writes: "Another volley in the useless and obvious game of patenting the obvious.

Startup who had been running an indiegogo campaign reaching their goal of over $15,000 in pledges has had some rather unpleasant news.

They have received a patent complaint delivered to Indiegogo regarding patent #7870067 claiming they are infringing on the invention mentioned in the patent.

Here's a link to the patent in case you're interested:

It is Indiegogo's policy to freeze any campaign that receives a patent violation complaint for up to 10 days while the issue is resolved. If in 10 days no official lawsuit is filed them (CentUp Industries LLC) our campaign will be reinstated and will proceed as planned.

Funny thing, a similar system like this already exists in Europe where the jury is still out on Software Patents AFAIK...

IMHO this is getting absolutelt ridiculous... more and more scholars are recommending abolishing software patents and the trolls are taking more and more patents — Patenting making a small donation rather than a big one... For crying out.... this kind of stuff makes me sick...

Patents are holding back development in the IT business and instead of fostering creativity and progress they are grinding the industry to a halt.

The only winners are the patent litigation and patent defense laywers... noone else, the rest of us suffer delays, less competition. and eventually higher pricing of our goods...

Patent mathematical algorithms wich in essense software is — is complete bogus in my opinion....

What does the Slashdot crowd have to say about this one ?"




What do you get when you assemble David/Dave Prowse, Richard LeParmentier, Tim Dry, Alan Flyng, John Coppinger and the wonderful Pam Rose at a con in Taastrup in Denmark ?

You get the a series of autographed photographs, and these are no ordinary photographs, the pictures in this ebay auction must without doubt be one of the most awesome prizes for any Star Wars fan out there in search for unique collectibles.

In support of the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign the honorable mentioned have doodled the most inspiring MO's on their characters/pictures and signed them.

This is a unique opportunity for Star Wars fans to take possession of some of the most unique autographs in the Star Wars universe and doing good at the same time.

Check out the story behind and the auction at:

and the auction itself at:

Item number: 251179212223

I hope you will support this worthy cause!

Kind Regards

Einar Petersen"

Submission + - Awesome MoBro's STAR WARS November charity photo series going on auction (

einar.petersen writes: So I attended the Star Wars Weekend at Tåstrup Kulturhus and spent some quality time with David/Dave Prowse, Richard LeParmentier, Tim Dry, Alan Flyng, John Coppinger and the wonderful Pam Rose.

This being November and Mens Cancer Awareness month I managed to cajoule the MoBro's of Star Wars — the honorable Lady & Gentlemen above to participate in the concoction of a November charity special photo series, that goes on auction during the last 10 days of November 2012...

If you want to see the AWESOME STAR WARS MoBro's and find out about the auction read on at the url I have given

Social Networks

Submission + - Danish Wind Mill Giant donates supercomputer to University (

einar.petersen writes: One of the biggest wind mill producers in the world the Danish company Vestas ( has decided to donate their retired HP-supercomputer with 1344 kernels each 3,3 gigahertz, 2760 gigabyte RAM and 250 terabyte of harddiskspace to Aalborg University.

The computer from 2008 and already replaced by another monster at Vestas already came cheap — Price tag for the University... Pay for the transport and it is yours....

Now that's what I call corporate social responsibility — Imagine more companies donating supercomputers to Universities around the world in this way...

Here is a link to the article in English (google translate — gives a rough idea)


Submission + - Firefox currently only usable browser for Danish Governmental Portal (

einar.petersen writes: Official governmental portal in Denmark currently only accepts the Firefox browser due to the way Firefox handles cookie control opposing all other major browsers and directs those wanting to create corporations or alter settings for their corporations to download firefox if they are not running it already.

Original piece (In Danish) here:

Submission + - Danish Municipality looking for a new CMS! (

einar.petersen writes: "Danish Municipality looking for a new CMS:

The Hvidovre municipality is looking for a Content Management-system (CMS)

They are open minded and will look at closed source, open source, mixed source — The key element is getting a good CMS

Translated article here:

Original article here:

So what does the slaDanish Municipality looking for a new CMS:

The Hvidovre municipality is looking for a Content Management-system (CMS)

They are open minded and will look at closed source, open source, mixed source — The key element is getting a good CMS

Translated article here:

Original article here:

So what does the slashdot crowd believe would be the right solution ?

  — Do you know of a FOSS solution that can live up to their demands or can you suggest mixed solutions.... the municipality is soliciting until december 21'stshdot crowd believe would be the right solution ?

  — Do you know of a FOSS solution that can live up to their demands or can you suggest mixed solutions.... the municipality is soliciting until december 21'st"

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