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Comment Employ AI (Score 1) 112

Hello there, may I suggest looking seriously at using systems like Watson or other AI systems to learn project management concepts and project tracking, this way you will be freeing yourself from the hassle, you can automate virtually every aspect of your project management processes and make it possible for a decision maker like yourself, to make informed decisions regarding team member, different development methods and other project and business related matters based on best practise methodology for each project type and real world learning regarding the dynamics of project types and each individual project....

Comment Re: Sanity Check (Score 1) 189

Foundational research is a very real pursuit or job, only it is hard for the money focused world to understand this, why do we need to know why the apples fall down from the treas, I will let the manufacturer answer then you can mull over the real job or not "Get back to work peasant I have cider and apple pies to make and sell and gravity works just fine without you knowing why...." if Newton was a peasant would it have been a real job for him to figure out this gravity thing ?

Comment Re: Sanity Check (Score 1) 189

Actually the researchers are legit, I am from Denmark and this is not a joke, if you are in doubt contact some of the non affiliated (research wise) researchers yourself they are easy to find, write a nice letter and if you are satisfied donate. Personally with the Danish reporters having done this already and being familiar with the issues of funding in the research world I decided to throw in my bit in the hope of furthering the understanding of the universe(s).

Submission + - Crowdfunding the theory of everything (

einar.petersen writes: In a proud tradition of pursuing unique research topics Danish scientists are seeking to fund their research on the theory of everything in a rathet unconventional way, namely via crowdfunding.

The two researchers have launched a campaign that as of writing is 55% funded.

If there ever was any noteworthy news for geeks, this must be it!!!

Check out the campaign at:

Comment Re:This is actually a great opportunity for everyo (Score 1) 32

Would be nice to see who was throwing accusations in the air, but I suppose when flinging unfounded mud and sowing fear uncertainty and doubt it is difficult to show your true face hence people may see you for what you truly are. I have never given a hoot for rules and regulation in writing, so your paragraph grammar fudding is completely off the mark, sorry that you live with such a limited world view that you can't see an opportunity staring you right in the face! I have mentioned nothing political pro or con a specific type of rule in my post so where you get off bringing in politics to the discussion is beyond me, I have stated facts as of what I have actually seen and experienced a government in a specific country do with regards to encouraging business initiatives. Have you ever been there, how many Chinese do you know that live there ? I am in daily contact with people in China and looking into possibilities there, what are you doing to help your economy and thus the economy of your country ?

Comment This is actually a great opportunity for everyone (Score 2) 32

Actually a lot of the posters here should be rejoicing. In my experience Chinese youngsters in general are extremely good at selling stuff online, this could be a great boon for American companies/brands as export of American goods and good news for any other country as well. A lot of young Chinese today are engaged in selling to the ever growing Chinese middle class, and you might just find that export of your product might as well happen to small players as to a few big corporations that won't pay you more that nickel for your product making them the winners not you. Realize that Chinese youngsters and Chinese in general, no longer want copies, they want the real deal. So why don't you find those old worn jeans, or whatever product you can research your way to, is in demand over there and find yourself a collaboration partner and then start bringing in a new stream of revenue for yourself. The Chinese are hungry for interesting foreign goods, and no they do generally not use SPAM, I have never ever received a SPAM mail from a company pedding Chinese goods, in fact your fear of SPAM is unfounded if you look at the Chinese online marked and social media usage, you see they don't have to use SPAM, people scour over services like taobao, and use WeChat constantly looking for products they desire and if you have it you're more or less certainly going to sell it money is not a problem in China. Social media platforms such as WeChat from Tencent that have everything built in, from social networking to shopping modules and online payment processing systems and APPS are far superior in comparison to our traditional western social media / trade platforms. I think people should stop whimpering about the communist threat, that is so last century thinking and they really should start living in the present, please try to realize this is one world populated with people that more or less all have the same goal - A good prosperous life in peace! Start collaborating instead of bickering, seriously, I have spent a fair amount in China over the past few years and trust me if market forces are at work at the moment anywhere it is in China, and if you want to tap into the good life, now is your opportunity, that is if you can see through the smoke and mirrors. And that this hits the news is kind of interesting as the Chinese government despite contrary beliefs, actually encourages private entrepreneurs and have for years done so. In fact I wish the government where I live would ease restrictions on start-ups as they are in China tax wise, a trusted source non government affiliated business person explained that as a small timer i.e. personal entrepreneur, you don't even need to pay tax of anything till you hit something like a turnover of about 300000 Yuan (roughly 46-47000 US$ in todays value 2016-03-16) and they were free to even start multiple businesses if they were willing to lay down a deposit per business etc. So stop fearing the Chinese and start collaborating with them, you will find they are more like you than you possibly think. Grab this opportunity by the horns - It is a chance unlike any you've seen in many years - Seize the moment!

Comment Hmmm testing out his upcoming foreign policy eh ? (Score 2) 421

Sigh.... On the upside the Scots are through the centuries used to obnoxious overlords trying to tell them what to do and how to behave so they probably could'nt give a "#T% bagpipes hoot about the threats of some random yank who is trying to strong arm them. I mean seriously ? I find it particularly interesting that this man is actually trying to become the President of the United States of America... Once a country most Europeans actually looked up to and respected with great gratitude for the sacrifices the American public have made for them in the past, it is a respect that however is fading quickly in Europe thanks to the behavior of the political establishment. One can only wonder if the good people of the USA will wake up in time and reclaim their country from those that are making it look so bad to so many of their friends and help America re-find it's moral compass and rightful place in the world as a true leader... I can just say I am thankful that I have real American friends so I know the established political elite does not speak for all the people. Good luck to you America on the upcoming election, may your people choose wisely and carefully when the time comes to decide your future that holds so much promise not just for yourselves but for the world! Go deep and investigate what the established political elites are truly up to before you go and make your voice heard.

Comment What a despicable act!!! (Score 1) 149

Why anyone would in the future want to be associated or paying customers of a company that behaves is such an uncivilized, childish and unprofessional manner is beyond me. These were your customers.... I am all but lost for words Do you think they will think kindly of you in the future ? Do you think they in any way are going to stay loyal to you and your brutish ways ? The fact that the person spearheading the initiative has not been canned immediately after this insane breach of trust is unbelievable. The fact that The Privacy Commissioner is now only mulling whether this issue is worth investigating further, is beyond belief, the company should be heavily sanctioned to the furthest extent of the law and then some this is completely unacceptable behavior. The company employee Jennifer Simons and her company should be electronically hung out to dry publicly, every nitty gritty detail of their existence made available for scrutiny for future generations because this is in essence what she has done to these people. And the company removing the information - Too late - the internet does not forget. The fact that someone is late in payments or in breach of contract does not give you the right to breach the privacy of your relationship and if the small print actually says you may hang said people out to dry by publishing their information and situation publicly and that is allowable within the framework of contract law then I believe a few companies should be shaking in their pants right now as they risk being next to such blackmail tactics and we are talking big companies. Jennifer Simmonds - I have to say shame on you for doing this and shame on your employer for going along on such a scheme.

Comment hahaha good one (Score 1) 113

I really like the phrase using information to force people to work for the Chinese government. And the collecting government i.e. not the Chinese but the American government was going to use said "embarrasing" information for what ? Why would they be collecting "embarrasing" information in the first place. Everyone really should get over themselves thinking their particular government are the good guys. Politics is and has always been nothing but a dirty game of chess to retain or attain power. Loosing your toys in the playground (i.e. your embarrasing information) is not something you should cry about in public -That in my humble opinion is embarrasing

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