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Comment robble robble (off topic) (Score 1) 315

posting to undo a bad moderation.

Just to stay on topic a little, the patent holders are likely to only be able to use this patent to try to protect specific 3d parts that will enable manufacturers to extend the service while keeping it under some semblance of control.

Comment Say hello to the memory hole (Score 1) 125

I didn't know they axed duplicates now..

"Memory On Demand" Cuts Energy Use
Posted by CmdrTaco on Wednesday January 26, @09:00AM
from the cut-it-off dept.
judgecorp writes
"Researchers are testing memory that can be powered down when not in use. This could slash the power used by computer memory, combining the benefits of DRAM (speed) and Flash (low power, non-volatile). The memory could also allow "instant-on" computers, according to an IEEE Computer Society report of the research at Carolina State University."
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Comment Re:yes, the government is corrupted by corporation (Score 1) 571

Threshold too high..

You have the option of dealing with which corporations you wish to do business with. The government is not optional, it is at best slightly changeable.

If a corporation violates your rights*, that is a good place for the government to step in. For example, if corporation destroys your property, they are just as liable as an individual that does the same.

*no, not violate your sense of moral outrage

Comment Re:We're forgetting someone (Score 2, Informative) 184

The Taliban has only existed since 1994, so that gives them at most 7 years of funding opportunity before they ran afoul of the US. Even so, I can only remember some anti-drug money going to the Taliban.

Ok, so you respond, we armed and funded the mujahedin, part of which eventually formed the Taliban. This is not what you stated in this post, though. Glad to know you never made a decision that went against your initial hopes, though.

Comment Annoucements are PR (Score 3, Insightful) 184

That much is true. However accounting requires discovery, then investigation.

If the US government had announced three years ago a large estimate of mineral wealth based on the fact that some soldiers noticed a lot of ore lying around, would we be saying "at least they are not trying to make a big deal out of 3 year old news!"?

My impression is politically, POTUS would rather be saying "so Afghanistan, you got the check? I'm outta here" as opposed to "great another set of targets to defend!".

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