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Comment Re:Don't speak for 'all of europe' (Score 1) 460

Tell that to the Paris taxi who refused my wife and I, because he didn't want to go to the train station ("too close") despite being at the front of a taxi queue. .

Similar incident happened to me in Madrid a few years ago. The driver was lucky my Spanish is terrible otherwise he would have gotten an earful. I was also pissed at my Spaniard wife for not giving him an earful for me. I would have loved the ability to call up an Uber right in front of that Taxi line. Too bad they are outlawed in Spain too.

Comment Re:I interviewed for a job they not paying mileage (Score 1) 241

It can get tricky if you go into the office and then to a client site and then home (or vice versa) but where I work they've got a pretty good system for figuring that all out.

For me this is not tricky at all. I will expense any miles that are greater than my normal daily commute. If my normal round-trip to my office and back home is 20 miles, I will expense any mileage that requires me to drive more than my normal 20 miles in a given day.

Comment Re:This triggers my WW3 theories. (Score 1) 190

Eventually my Turkish labmate was able to get on to a Turkish news website and translate what was going on for us because you couldn't get to CNN or NBC or anybody. (Eventually the major American news services switched to a low bandwidth, text-only version of their sites). But yeah for a good two hours I was hunting around trying to figure out if we were under a combined real-world and cyber terror attack. In that case it was just that every news site was completely slammed with traffic, but I definitely wondered.

It didn't even occur to me to try and get any news from the Internet as I was watching the events unfold live on TV.

Comment Re:new games play differently (Score 1) 102

There are some smaller independent and mostly crowdfunded developers now that are at least claiming to try to cater to that style of play but so far there hasn't been much in that regard and at least one attempt, Pillars of Eternity, failed utterly in terms of the combat imo. It ended up playing more like Dragon Age: Origins or other modern Bioware games. Again, catering to what the majority of gamers like despite being funded by gamers like me who wanted something that played more like Icewind Dale or Baldurs Gate II.

Hmm, Pillars of Eternity is next on my list. I actually liked DA:O. I hadn't played a tactical combat RPG in years until that game. I'll eventually play DA:I once it gets to a bargain bin price.

I just picked up Divinity Original Sin in the Steam Summer Sale. This is my first Divinity game and it's very enjoyable so far. The graphics, art and sound are all excellent. There are some quirks I am getting used to and I'm still trying to learn/master the rule set as well. I like having "action points" that determine how far you can move, what type and how many abilities you can use in a given turn, etc. I've spent about 10 hours in game and have barely left the starting city/area. That said I'm taking things very slowly. It's worth a look if you haven't checked it out yet. I see it compared to Pillars of Eternity and Baldurs's Gate a lot. Definitely worth the $29.99 I picked it up for.

Comment Re:PCs are still awesome imo (Score 1) 130

I think the excitement over finally getting a faster computer used to get me on a mental high that lasted through the assembly like a kid waiting for Christmas presents, but these days I just want to get it over with and the damn thing to work. I only do it because it's the only way to get the components I want, looked it over now and still can't find a PC builder that'll give me this GTX 970 SLI setup. I.

I'm in a similar boat. I'm even willing to pay a 30% upcharge for someone else to build it if I could get the exact components I want, but can't find a shop that will do that. I suppose I could buy everything myself and take it to a local shop for a "professional" build, but if I already have the components in hand I'll just do it myself.

Comment Re:HP3K (Score 1) 62

I downloaded the HP-3000 VM for VMWare about 6 months ago to check it out. It seems to work pretty much as expected. It really brought back some memories.

We did the same thing. Unfortunately the performance was terrible and roughly 25% of what was required. I hate having this legacy crap in our DC, but would have felt a little better if it could have been virtualized to at least mitigate hardware issues going forward.

Comment Re:Antecdotes != Evidence (Score 1) 577

I'd be curious to see the statistics of perceived OS Decay between installs on mechanical drives vs SSDs. I would always reload my system every 12-18 months on XP and then Win7. I don't think I reloaded Win7 again after I got my first SSD for my boot drive. I also did a clean install of Win 8.1 on an SSD, but it's only been 2 months so far.

Comment Re:Good advertising? (Score 1) 324

It seems like the only items Microcenter has superior pricing on is Intel CPUs for whatever reason (at least in Georgia). I bought my first computer from them over 20 years ago (386DX), but not much since. Newegg has proven to be a more reliable and less expensive source of computer parts over the years although they only have an online presence. Frys pissed me off several years ago by not honoring their online prices (when they were at the brick and mortar stores.

Comment Re:Good advertising? (Score 0) 324

So Amazon is the same price or cheaper with faster shipping. Sure, the shipping may be built-in to the prime price, but I don't care if it matches the competitors.

Hmm. Unless you are ordering a lot from Amazon, I don't see how the $79 annual fee for prime is worth free (2 day) shipping. Typically I get most items in less than 5 day from them anyway. I've also been very lucky with NewEgg since they opened a warehouse in Tennessee. I live in Georgia and on several occasions I've gotten my order next day, although 2 day is more typical.

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