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Comment Re:No Internet? (Score 1) 490

This one, right here.

DVD by mail leverages the bandwidth of a van full of media, and doesn't cut into your MiFi data cap.

If you actually buy the DVD, my understanding is that comes with a reasonably perpetual license to display the content, unlike streaming services that may go out of business.

For the paranoid out there, it's also slightly harder for the CIA/NSA/FBI/MIB to track when you're watching which film, provided you're watching it on a setup that isn't network connected. (Van Eck attacks are more expensive than waiting for phone-home reports.)

Comment Re:Good PR Move (Score 1) 250

However, I believe you could sell tractors that are a certain shade of green because within that context, green is identified as a functional color.

That depends on the intended use of the tractor, and the color.

If you said "construction tractor" (like a front-loader/backhoe, or a bulldozer), and "yellow", I think you're probably right. (Most of them seem to be a similar shade of "construction yellow".)

Certain shades of green (and orange, and yellow, and red, and blue) are almost certainly protected within the fields of agricultural tractors and landscaping equipment.

Comment Re:ISO 8601 (Score 1) 218

The confusion in this method of picking Pi Day clearly comes from trying to assign an irrational number to a day on the Gregorian calenda

Julian it is, then. Either November 9 or November 10, depending on leap years.

Suck it, Tau day proponents.

Comment Re:ISO 8601 (Score 1) 218

Imagine the bandwidth savings world wide!

Using your post as an example, 1/646... or approximately one and one half tenths of a percent bandwidth savings.

I can feel the latencies dropping already.

Comment Re:PI! (Score 1) 218

If you need more than about 32 digits for your calculations, you grossly misunderstand something.

Second, that's not a factorial.

Comment Re: What about the UK? (Score 1) 218

Wouldn't Pi Day be when, if you see the year as a circle (which many do), you have passed the diameter's length of it? I.e. April 26th?

This is possibly the most interesting idea so far.

Submission + - Office 365 "On Demand" gone? ( 2

jbarr writes: Back in December, I paid for an Office 365 Home Premium subscription. One of the selling features (which is still being advertised as a feature) is the Office On Demand feature. You open a Web browser, login to your Office 365 account, and click on an "On Demand application (like Word, Excel, Access, outlook, etc.) and it launches a "streamed" instance of the application. It's like a Remote Desktop or Citrix session that provides access to a full version of each Office application from any Internet-connected Windows 7 and Windows 8.x box.

On Demand is not to be confused with their "Office Online" feature which are Web Apps of most Office applications (except Access and Publisher.) These versions are limited in function, whereas the On Demand versions were full, streamed instances of the application.

About a week or so ago, I signed in, and the ability to launch the On Demand applications was gone, effectively locking me out of an important feature that I paid for. I did a Google Search, and found several threads discussing this, yet no one seems to know what's going on. There is one kind soul who presented a workaround to launch Word and Excel On Demand which is great (thank you!) but to no fault of his, it doesn't address launching other On Demand applications.

I paid-for a feature that is still advertised, and it is now not available without notice. And there is no explanation. If servers are down, fine. Post a message stating it. If you are adding or changing features, then post a page stating it. But as it stands, all On Demand functionality has simply been stripped out with no explanation rendering my Access databases useless. Yes, I can locally install Access 2013 from my Office 365 Home Premium subscription, but that misses the point that a paid-for feature has been removed without explanation or compensation.

Submission + - Facebook to Pay City $200K-a-Year for a Neighborhood Cop

theodp writes: Valleywag reports that Facebook just bought itself a police officer and questions what kind of mechanism will be in place to make sure the officer — whose position Facebook has agreed to fund to the tune of $200K-a-year for 3 years — doesn't provide preferential protection for the social network giant and its employees. It's probably a fair question, considering that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder made the City of New Orleans enter into a federal consent decree designed to address the "divided loyalties" of the city's moonlighting police officers. But for now, everything's hunky-dory in Menlo Park, where Police Chief Robert Jonsen called the deal a "benchmark in private-public partnerships". No doubt it is, as was last week's Google-City of San Francisco deal to fund free bus passes for low- and middle-income kids. But is giving earmarked funding to facilitate self-serving city expenditures a good or bad development?

Comment Re:stalking not free speech (Score 1) 352

If doing something once is OK (acceptable, moral, etc), how is it wrong to do it a million times?

If two wrongs don't make a right, two rights don't make a wrong. (Scale as needed.)

It's really not stalking - stalking is generally targeted at a specific person. This isn't targeted at anyone in particular; it's an attempt to gather general data to learn things. I think we usually call that "science".

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