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Comment Re:Simple fix, just requires money (Score 1) 179

I dated a girl who looked up my information because she was an border officer. As a security professional I asked "isn't anyone watching", she replied: "yeah, that's my job".

Although there's sometimes legitimate reasons for their illegitimate searches....

Many officers are not allowed to associate with known criminals.

Comment Re:We need a new secure internet (Score 0) 204

It's all because the Internet is a trust-based network. What you describe are flaws in a trust-based system. Frighteningly, your solution is to get rid of trust.

What you really want is not trust, but control. Once systems like the one you propose are in place, there will be the ability (which doesn't exist right now) to really control Internet traffic. About five minutes after that happens, the first government abuse of that power will take place. Then, the abuses will just get larger and larger. Good luck with your controlled network, because you won't be able to say much on it.

Comment Re:Wrong decision (Score 1) 86

"Are you implying that pointing out a blatant misrepresentation counts as drinking koolaid?"

The expression comes from cult leaders who gave their followers poison.

The implication is that you believe so much in the leader's vision, that you'll drink poison if they command you, I think does compare to believing in Google's vision so much that you'll sacrifice your privacy for their free, convenient apps.

Comment Re:Imagine (Score 1, Insightful) 121

That doesn't scratch the developer's itch, though. That sounds an awful lot like commercial software development. When open source developers do something, it's to scratch an itch that they're having. Force them to attend to the user's needs and they will desert your project immediately. Then you'll have no developers at all.

Comment Re:Confused (Score 1) 189

"so I'm not sure just how well this actually will scale in the real world. Still, 6.2km is a useful distance for some limited applications."

FTA, there's another innovation not in the Slashdot headline or summary, except to say " the teams had slightly different set-ups and results."

One of those results seems to be that the team from China's method allows for quantum repeaters which can relay entangled particles:

" would allow for the creation of quantum repeaters, to propel the signal further along the network..."

"Now say Bob repeats the process with Daisy, who is 100 kilometres to his right (with another Charlie between them). At this stage, Bob has two particles, one entangled with Alice’s and the other with Daisy’s. If Bob now does a Bell State measurement on his two particles, he effectively entangles Alice’s particle with Daisy’s — stretching teleportation a full 200 kilometres."

“You can scale the whole thing up and can go, in theory, to arbitrarily long distances,” says Tittel.

Comment The really sad thing (Score -1) 612

It is so irrepressibly sad when a bunch of neckbeard Reddit users do a better job at investigating than the New York Times, CNN, Agence France-Presse, The Guardian, the fucking FBI, and all of the rest of them put together. I mean think about it. A bunch of internet randoms are doing a better job than people whose work it is, specifically, to root out political corruption and punish those responsible. These people aren't just good at it, they are highly intelligent people with advanced degrees who went to school for years to learn how to do this. And they got beat by a bunch of nobodies from the internet. It is so sad that "I'm from the internet and I'm here to save you" is actually a thing now.

Comment Re: As the US surrenders control of DNS (Score 2) 237

Except, from TFA, "The data I see suggests China, an assessment shared by the people I spoke with."

But that's impossible in your has to be the US. It could never be a US adversary with principles that run decided counter to internet freedom, human rights, and so on. Clearly this is a US effort to leave itself a capability to "take down the internet", when we are the ones ceding control of ICANN and IANA.

Comment TFS leaves out most important piece ignoring info (Score 5, Insightful) 237

"The data I see suggests China, an assessment shared by the people I spoke with."

Of course, that will be buried in these comments that it's a US false flag, that obviously it's the US that's responsible, etc.

It couldn't possibly be someone like China.

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