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Comment Hysteria ??!!! (Score 1) 1

No problem: the high-powered Blue, Green, and white LEDs are actually made from Indium Gallium Nitride or just Gallium Nitride. The high-powered red and yellow ones are made from Indium Gallium Aluminum Phosphide.

But even so, the active LED crystal is tiny, very hard and very inert... certainly very much safer than the mercury and the rare earth phosphor dust that the public is exposed to when a florescent tube is broken. ("Mad as a hatter" = mercury poisoning)

The manufacturers of all semiconductors (ie, the guts of your computer, tv, radio, LEDs, cellphone, etc) use many process chemicals that are way more insidiously toxic than gas-chamber cyanide... but the workers have all the proper safety equipment and environment to assure that they never come in contact with these substances. The fab companies have every motive to keep the workers and the chemicals apart... it would take very much less contamination by weight of human cells or hair to poison a complete run of product, than it would of the crystalline form of GA to poison a human. Consider the multi-million dollar retail value of a single semi- trailer full of Intel's latest processor. Hell, a standard pallet full would be worth over a million

A 100 watt incandescent light bulb makes about 1700 lumens and lasts 1500 hours

A 40 watt florescent tube makes 2400 lumens and lasts 3000 hours.

20 of today's new LEDs consume 20 watts to make 2000 lumens and lasts 50000 hours

20 of 2011's new LEDs will consume

To put this in perspective: swapping LEDs for all the existing lighting in the USA would save us having to build 248terawatts of generating capacity. Not counting to mention the the additional fabrication energy savings due to the long life.

The solution to many of our global problems lie in responsible use of new technology... The LED solution would be better than what we have now, in many ways. We who can understand science and technology must help educate those who haven't a clue to stop or prevent the hysteria of the ignorant Greenies...

... Hey dude, lighten up a bit, us geekoids can really help make things better without shitting in our own house!.


Submission + - SPAM: Soloway Case Reveals Big Business Behind Spam

Amy Bennett writes: "Testimony during day one of the sentencing hearing for the so-called spam king Robert Soloway, offered an inside look at the big business of online fraud. Take, for example, the story of Adam Sweaney, just one small cog in the wheel. Sweaney, who has been charged with computer fraud, earned about $2500/month for a couple years selling botnets. Sure, the figure isn't all that high, but this was no full-time job. Sweaney didn't write the botnets; he traded them or bought them in onine forums. And he didn't sell a massive volume to a wide variety of people — a typical week might involve selling three or four botnets to any of his six regular customers, he said."
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Submission + - Here's How: Combine OpenOffice and Google Docs (

CWmike writes: "Preston Gralla has made the argument that Google could deliver a knockout punch to Microsoft if it melded the power of OpenOffice with Google Docs. Now he tells you how to do it, without Google (thanks to an eagle-eyed reader for the tip): 'You don't have to wait for Google to take the advice ... You can integrate the two today (with a free extension, OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs), which exports OpenOffice documents to both Google Docs and Zoho.'"
The Internet

Singapore Firm Claims Patent Breach By Virtually All Websites 481

An anonymous reader writes "A Singapore firm, VueStar has threatened to sue websites that use pictures or graphics to link to another page, claiming it owns the patent for a technology used by millions around the world. The company is also planning to take on giants like Microsoft and Google. It is a battle that could, at least in theory, upend the Internet. The firm has been sending out invoices to Singapore companies since last week asking them to pay up."
United States

McCain vs. Obama on Tech Issues 877

eldavojohn writes "Ars is running a brief article that looks at stances from Chuck Fish of McCain's campaign and Daniel Weitzner from Obama's in regards to technical issues that may cause us geeks to vote one way or the other. From openness vs. bandwidth in the net neutrality issue to those pesky National Security Letters, there's some key differences that just might play at least a small part in your vote. You may also remember our discussions on who is best for geeks."

Comment I'm not helping the statistics (Score 5, Interesting) 692

I order all of our new Business PC's with Vista licenses, however I then load them with my volume licensing copy of XP excercising the downgrade rights that come with the Vista Business edition... I figure I may as well get the newest license, does not mean that I'm going to use it, as much as M$ would like to think that I am.

Submission + - Why is Firehose so hostile? 15

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "Can anyone explain to me why Slashdot's Firehose is made to be so unfriendly? It's a great idea, but in practice it's infuriating. If you see a submitted article, and click on one of the links, you can't go back to the story. You have to start all over again. If you set the filters to what you're interested in, you have to re-set them all over again. Even if you just RTFA you are punished by losing your settings. Why shouldn't Slashdot encourage people to participate in the Firehose. For a busy person, it's almost impossible to be involved. And this bizarre lack of 'stickiness' makes everything take 10 times as much times as it needs to."

Submission + - SPAM: Supernova birth seen for first time 1

FiReaNGeL writes: "Astronomers have seen the aftermath of spectacular stellar explosions known as supernovae before, but until now no one has witnessed a star dying in real time — until now. While looking at another object in the spiral galaxy NGC 2770, using NASA's orbiting Swift telescope, scientists detected an extremely luminous blast of X-rays released by a supernova explosion. They alerted 8 other telescopes to turn their eyes on this first-of-its-kind event. "We were looking at another, older supernova in the galaxy, when the one now known as SN 2008D went off. We would have missed it if it weren't for Swift's real-time capabilities, wide field of view, and numerous instruments.""
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Submission + - Dear ISP... (

malk315 writes: Dear ISP: Please just give me a public IP address and route my packets. Sincerely, The Customer. I don't care about 10 e-mail boxes with secretly limited unlimited storage, free virus software thats useless to me, terabytes of "web space", your lousy overtaxed DNS servers (Bind on my own box works fine for me thanks), and your free wireless router, rented cable/dsl modem for too much money, and free bowl of soup. Just route my packets from your big pipe to me and vice versa please... I'm not asking for much... packets in, packets out... Blocking port 80 or raising the bill because I have a webserver running, regulating torrent traffic, shaping and, do downloads from compare to performance? Nope. Then there's VOIP. I realize you want to use QOS to favor your own VOIP offering, but you'll probably limit everything else. And when I do use VOIP of my choice and have some websites or outbound e-mail of my own for my own domains, how about some reasonable upstream bandwidth? What will the future bring? Are things destined to get worse?
The Courts

Journal SPAM: Judge Voids California Election Over E-Voting Flaws 177

A judge in Alameda County, California, has voided some election results after the e-voting tallies from Diebold machines couldn't be audited. The vote was on a controversial ballot measure addressing the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries, and the expected result was a close margin. Activists went to court to demand a recount, but elections officials had

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