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Comment Get ready for high pricing (Score 2) 100

They are talking about combining it with the Meldium product? Look at the pricing on that. It starts at 24/month

I just took a $120 chance and added 10 years to my subscription... Figure they can't jack up my prices for 10 years if I already paid for it. $120 isn't too much to lose if they make the product unusable (which is a possibility with these a**holes).

Comment Re:Attack Submarines Not Backbone of US Navy (Score 1) 439

Read again; I said "capable of being configured". What I said means that some of them will be configured as trident missile boats, not reconfigured after construction. That being said, it is possible that a boat could be reconfigured as well. Some of the Ohio class boats have been reconfigured as SSGNs, carrying a massive load-out of tomahawk missiles instead of trident missiles with some of the tubes reconfigured to support SEAL deployment.

Comment Where does the money come from? (Score 3, Interesting) 223

From their page::

Epic like most browsers earns a commission on searches we drive. So the more you use Epic’s default search engine, the more you support Epic and our continued privacy efforts : - ) And best of all your searches always remain exceptionally private since they’re routed via a secure, encrypted connection over a proxy – so private by design when you use that we literally can’t know what you’re searching for nor anyone else. Ads and search results never include any personalized results or tracking of any sort and are only based on your search term and general geographical location.

So ... They get paid for searches they drive but those searches don't have any ads or tracking? Again, where does the money come from?

Comment Re:Stop Theft Plates (Score 1) 253

Nothing is perfect - I feel that these, combined with a very clear label that states the system drive is fully encrypted (which it is), dramatically decrease the value of the system to a would-be thief whether they are looking to make a quick buck at the pawn shop or mine the system for information. They also allow for return of your equipment if you leave it somewhere or loose it outside of theft. The idea is simply that my systems are a less desirable target than most others.

Never had a system stolen, but if the worst case scenario takes place I have insurance and due to the encryption and backups, I have ZERO concern about the data on the system which is where the real value lies..

Comment Run your own servers and use encryption (Score 5, Informative) 622

Only way you can keep your data yours while sitting at rest is to have it on your own servers and utilize proper encryption and security on those servers. That means don't use "cloud" anything unless it's on equipment you own, run your own email servers, etc. Remember that even doing this, emails that you send to other people can be accessed through whatever servers they use.

Comment Re:Work for a local IT company (Score 4, Insightful) 293

Considering I was being paid $20 an hour and when the company I was working for charged $95 an hour. I do believe that there is a problem.

$95/hr is split into:

Your $20/hr + (Plus any benefits, Federal taxes, blah, blah)
Plus the time that someone spent getting that client you just did $95 worth of work for
Plus the money that was spent marketing to get that client you just did $95 worth of work for
Plus the admin time that will be spent billing that client
Plus dealing with the clients that don't pay
Plus office rent, utilities, other office overhead that you probably have no clue about
Plus tools used to perform the work (ticketing system, remote access tools?) . Again, you probably have no clue how much that actually costs
Plus you were paid to drive to that client, and if using your own vehicle should have gotten mileage
In addition to the drive, you are likely not billing 100% of your time anyway - Company still pays you when you are not billable right?

Believe it or not, the Margin on those accounts is not that much. Does it make money? Well I hope so or your company will no longer exist - Does it make someone filthy rich? Probably not.

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