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Comment Re:Hyrbid? What's Intel's production problem? (Score 2) 145

I think Intel either has a yield problem, or simply that X-Point is a lot more expensive to manufacture than they pretend. NAND and DRAM have very mature manufacturing processes that are hard to beat in cost.
I think in fact that it costs a lot more than $77 to manufacture, that's why they enforce all these artificial restrictions (only Kaby lake only 200 series motherboards) - because they are selling below cost and don't want to hurt their margins too much.

Submission + - SpaceX to launch first reused Falcon 9 booster (

wbr1 writes: Ars Technica reports — This evening, nearly a full year after it first launched a payload into orbit, a Falcon 9 booster will attempt a second launch. Some might call this a "used" or "reused" rocket, but in a wonderful marketing euphemism, SpaceX has characterized the booster as "flight proven."

The launch window opens 6:27pm ET (11:27pm UK) today, and extends for two and a half hours. After launch SpaceX will attempt to land the booster on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean. Should weather (which appears good) or a technical issue force a delay today, a backup launch window opens on Saturday, at 6:27pm.

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