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Submission + - Secret to Building an App Empire? Copy other successful apps! (

edmicman writes: Tim Ferriss' blog features an article titled "How to Build an App Empire: Can You Create The Next Instagram?" by serial mobile app creator Chad Mureta. Essentially the secret is not creating a brand new innovative idea — it's taking what's topping the charts already in the App Store and mimicking those apps, sometimes adding your own twist. Sign me up for a 7-figure income!

Submission + - Facebook Launches Open Compute Project (

edmicman writes: "From the article:
"Facebook is opening up the specifications and design documents that went into creating their customized servers and datacenters. According to Facebook, these are much more efficient than the industry standards out there right now — especially if you’re specifically building social applications. In fact, Facebook says their servers are 38 percent more efficient than the off-the-shelf ones they were buying previously. And that has meant a 24 percent cost savings.""


Submission + - suffers DDOS attack (

edmicman writes: "The Inquirer is reporting on recent denial-of-service attacks on Our business website domain is registered under, and hosted ourselves. Yesterday afternoon, we started getting reports of problems resolving to our mail server, also self-hosted. A Twitter search returned a flurry of posts pointing to being hit. The same thing happened this afternoon — and this time it was all DNS servers for our domain, not just the MX records.

What bothers me, is that Twitter has been the only place to find any info about this. Nothing on the main news sites, and nothing on the tech sites.'s site, if will come up, has nothing.

Could this possibly be related to Conficker?"


Submission + - MSU Student Faces Suspension for Spamming Profs (

edmicman writes: "FOX News is reporting on a story about Michigan State University student who is facing suspension for bulk emailing a number of professors at the university:

A student government leader at Michigan State University could be facing suspension for sending a mass e-mail to professors about a proposed change to the school calendar — an e-mail that the university is labeling spam.

The article contains links to a copy of the original email, the allegations against the student, as well as the university's Email Acceptable Use Policy."


Submission + - Is the future of the Internet in danger? (

edmicman writes: "InfoWorld has an in-depth look at the bandwidth problems facing the Internet as we know it. Video and other digital media is creating a perfect storm that the ISPs are trying to head off by introducing bandwidth caps and tiered pricing. In my opinion, this is a losing battle as content companies provide more and more digitally. The only real solution is to provide truly unlimited bandwidth."

Submission + - How do improve my local broadband options?

edmicman writes: "What can I do to try and improve the broadband options available to me in my local community? I live in the mid-Michigan, about 20 miles away from the capital and a major university, but the entire area is a technological pit. Mine is a smaller town, but it's not *that* small, and we are right along a major interstate highway. I've found out that AT&T's U-Verse is available in the Detroit area,

I am currently paying ~$50 for 4Mb cable internet, bundled with cable service, and started looking at AT&T DSL as another option. However, I found out that the best (and only) DSL option I could get was their basic service, at 768k down. My address is less than two miles from the center of town and the local CO. Essentially my broadband options are expensive cable, cheap slow DSL, or a variety of satellite internet which is even more expensive (and slower) than cable.

What can I do to get better broadband options available to my community? Should I contact the city government? My local state representatives? Is there such a thing as a local community taking the initiative to bring in real high speed broadband options? How do you improve the technology infrastructure of a city? Or am I stuck?"

Submission + - Sony's DRM-free tracks come with a price (

edmicman writes: "Leave it to Sony to mess up DRM-free music downloads. According to Infoworld:

The tracks will be offered in MP3 format, without DRM (digital rights management), from Jan. 15 in the U.S. and from late January in Canada.

The move is far from the all-digital service offered by its rivals, though. To obtain the Sony-BMG tracks, would-be listeners will first have to go to a retail store to buy a Platinum MusicPass, a card containing a secret code, for a suggested retail price of $12.99. Once they have scratched off the card's covering to expose the code, they will be able to download one of just 37 albums available through the service, including Britney Spears' "Blackout" and Barry Manilow's "The Greatest Songs of the Seventies."

What is the point of DRM-free tracks if you still have to go to a retail store to buy them?"


Submission + - Perfect 10 sues MIcrosoft for stealing porn (

edmicman writes: "Ars Technica is reporting that adult publisher Perfect 10 is suing Microsoft, saying that the MSN/Windows Live search engine infringes on copyright by returning thumbnails of and links to sites hosting Perfect 10's images. Does this sound familiar? In 2004, they tried the same thing against Google. Google was eventually found to be within the bounds of fair use."
The Internet

Submission + - Bill proposed to redefine 'broadband' in the US

edmicman writes: "Infoworld is reporting on a new bill introduced in the U.S. Senate that would have the FCC revise what bandwidth rates qualify as "broadband":

Senator Daniel Inouye, a Hawaii Democrat and chairman of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, introduced the Broadband Data Improvement Act Thursday along with five Democratic cosponsors. The bill would require the FCC to re-evaluate whether 200Kbps is sufficient bandwidth to justify being called broadband, and it would require the agency to create a new measurement, known as second-generation broadband, to identify networks' capability of transmitting high-definition video.

The bill would also require broadband providers to report availability of broadband and second-generation broadband connections within smaller geography areas than the postal zip codes the FCC now uses to measure the availability of such services.

Submission + - Gaim renamed to 'Pidgin'

edmicman writes: "Gaim has posted an update that explains in part why the 2.0.0 version has been in beta for such a long time:

Many years ago when this project was first started, it was called "GTK+ AOL Instant Messenger." AOL naturally complained, and Mark Spencer changed the name to "Gaim." AOL was appeased, and no one really ever heard of it because there were very few users back then. A few years later AOL trademarked "AIM," and started referring to their IM services using that name. They complained. The issue was brought up on Slashdot, and the Gaim developers at the time got some legal support. That legal support advised that the ongoing discussions with AOL be kept confidential until fully settled, and so it remained. The public thought the issue had gone away then. It sorta did, in that AOL stopped responding to Gaim's legal support for a while.

At long last, I am pleased to announce that we have a signed settlement and can release our new version. There is one catch however: we have had to change the project's name. After a long, and unfortunately secret debate (as we could not say why we were looking at a name change, we ended up just doing this ourselves), we settled on the name "Pidgin" for gaim itself, "libpurple" for libgaim (which, as of 2.0.0 beta6, exists), and "Finch" for gaim-text. Yes, the spelling of "Pidgin" is intentional, see

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