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Journal edmicman's Journal: How can I make my employer be more open-source friendly?

How can I encourage my employer to be more friendly to open-source software and standards compliance?

I work as a web developer for a small company that sells a software-as-a-service product. Or, at least, I did. We were recently bought by a much larger company, and I am finding their IT department ideals to be much different from my own.

Granted, we are a Microsoft shop, with the application being in classic ASP/VBScript and ASP.NET. But I developed with Firefox primarily, and we were using Bugzilla for issue tracking. I was even started to move from SourceSafe to Subversion. I didn't necessarily strictly validate against all standards, but our web application worked in all browsers across the board.

Now our "new" website application uses vbscript for client side scripting instead of javascript. It's non-functional in Firefox. We have a homebuilt issue tracking system that has a fraction of Bugzilla's functionality. It uses some "grid control" that requires IE, so it doesn't render correctly in Firefox. I can't save searches. I can't search on the description or details screen. We have a web-based empoyee management system where we manage travel, time off, tech requests, etc. It will load in Firefox, but doesn't *work*. Links and pages break, and it uses frames for everything.

It's frustrating having used what I think are much better tools only to feel like I'm taking giant steps backwards with the new ones, just because the corporation mandates it. Is there anything I can do?

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How can I make my employer be more open-source friendly?

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