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Comment Re:So, correct me if I'm wrong... (Score 1) 211

This weird criminal somehow has 50 GB * 1,000,000 = 47.6 petabytes of enterprise storage? Without getting one dollar? How is this paid for? Not to mention all the data traffic back and forth which will be even more expensive?

1. Not every user is using 50gb.
2. He has lots of money.
3. He is investing in a new enterprise and knows that he has to spend money first in order to make money in the future.

I assumed all that was fairly obvious. What's your theory, by the way?

A single one of his new racks holds 720TB of data.

Comment Wasteland 2 (Score 1) 97

Wasteland 2 was never meant to be as huge of a project as it has become, and they have been incredibly good about keeping everyone informed and up to date on whats going on. At least once a week on Facebook they are linking to new artwork, music, footage or just letting us know that they are still here and working hard on making the best game possible. I don't think too many of us will be disappointed, they know what the community expects from this release, and they are just as excited as we are to finally see their years and years of frustration and hard work come together in this project..

Comment Why boycotting Apple is a good idea. (Score 1) 744

People keep saying that it's more than just Apple. This is true, but only ONE company made 14 billion dollars profit in one quarter, directly as a result of paying very little for its parts and labor. Not only that, but Apple is well known for squeezing companies like Foxconn even further to produce more, faster, and for less. Ask yourself, at the point in history when companies like Nokia or RIM sold more phones than Apple, were any of them making 14 billion in one quarter?

Are there other companies manufacturing in China under horrible conditions? Yes absolutely. However, these other American based companies are not held up for all to see as the great American success story.

Someone needs to be boycotted, and Apple is just the obvious choice. Boycotting anyone else wouldn't have an effect. And really, how else can regular people make a statement than with their wallets?

Other companies use Foxconn for their products too, but if Apple says 'enough is enough' don't you think those other companies will follow suit? No company would knowingly commit suicide by backing Foxxconn if Apple goes on record and does the right thing here, by forcing their manufacturer to not treat employees like cattle.

Recently over 300 workers at the Foxconn manufacturing plant threatened suicide if working conditions didn't improve.

Its gotten so bad that the employees are forced to sign contracts when they are hired stating they won't kill themselves while at work.

With 98B in cash, Apple is also the only company capable of effecting a change. As they've always said, "Apple leads the way", so lead on Apple...

Comment Re:I Just Can't Belive It (Score 5, Interesting) 171

lies. post the ripoff report, and let us see this 'damaging' info. You can contact the administrator at and it will be removed if it is obviously just some scary firebrand spamming bullshit. sounds like you have evidence.

Kindof hard to feel bad for you without any evidence, or knowledge of what steps you took to exonerate yourself. This is no different from receiving a summons in the mail. you can't just ignore it and expect it to go away. If the case is interesting enough, it will be picked up by the press and distributed across the globe. If you do nothing, than the information will continue to circulate without check. Stepping in now will at least stem the tide of false info.

If you emailed the editor with 'omg lol so sorry neva hit tha biznitch shes a hater' then of course hes going to ignore your email. Without some sort of idea of what happened, you will get no sympathy from anyone.

Comment Re:Whatever happened (Score 1) 743

This has happened to me, no kidding. When I was around 22 I took a job pouring concrete walls as a temp. There was 1 opening available with the company, but they needed extra guys to do this particular project. ( a row of basements) It was grueling, dirty, evil work. About a week in, there were 3 of us left out of the 9 or 10 guys who initially showed up. Friday rolled around and the owner of the company asked everyone out for some drinks (he was buying!)
We all had a great time and I ended up drinking a little too much, had to call a cab.
The next day the owner calls me to tell me that he was going to buy out my temp contract and start me full time on Monday because I was the only one 'who could drink like a real man'.
Alot of great times were had with those guys.

Comment nobody cares (Score 1) 279

Can you stop posting bitcoin articles already? Slashdot is the ONLY place I hear about it, and almost everyday there is some stupid story about them. At this point I'm guessing the editors own millions of these worthless things, and they are hoping to generate interest so hey can unload them on some sucker. The rest of the world doesn't care in the slightest about bitcoin, including your readers. Can we go back to stuff that matters now?


Submission + - When Patents Attack (

Windrip writes: Why would a company rent an office in a tiny town in East Texas, put a nameplate on the door, and leave it completely empty for a year? The answer involves a controversial billionaire physicist in Seattle, a 40 pound cookbook, and a war waging right now, all across the software and tech industries. Listen to This American Life and find out,

Submission + - When Patents Attack (

fermion writes: This American Life runs a story this week on Intelectual Ventures, a firm some consider the leader of the patent trolls . The story dwells into the origins of the term patent troll and the rise of the patent troll industry. Much time is spent presenting Intelectual Ventrues both as a patent troll firm and a legitimate business that allows helpless inventors to monetize patents. It is stipulated that Intellectual Ventures does not in fact sue anyone. It is also alleged that the Intellectual Ventures create many shell companies presumable to hid such activity. Intellectual Ventures is compared to a Mafia protection racket that may never actually burn down a business that does not pay the dues, does encourage such burning to occur.

Comment Re:Some of the infinging patents: (Score 2) 276

others include:
      5,579,517: Common name space for long and short filenames
        5,758,352: Common name space for long and short filenames
        6,621,746: Monitoring entropic conditions of a flash memory device as an indicator for invoking erasure operations
        6,826,762: Radio interface layer in a cell phone with a set of APIs having a hardware-independent proxy layer and a hardware- specific driver layer
        6,909,910: Method and system for managing changes to a contact database
        7,644,376: Flexible architecture for notifying applications of state changes
        5,664,133: Context sensitive menu system/menu behavior
        6,578,054: Method and system for supporting off-line mode of operation and synchronization using resource state information
        6,370,566: Generating meeting requests and group scheduling from a mobile device

Comment Some of the infinging patents: (Score 2) 276

here are a few of the patents Microsoft claims against Android:

  People also expect to be able to access command windows without interfering with the application's main window, and to be able to tab through various screens to find the information they need. Microsoft's patents enable the opening of a new, tabbed control window. (U.S. Patent No. 5,889,522)
  Surfing the web quickly is a key device feature. One of the patents in this case enables devices to show the content of a page even while the background is still rendering, allowing users to interact with the page more quickly. (U.S. Patent No. 5,778,372)
  Users also want to know the status of their downloads. A Microsoft patent provides information about download status on top of the content display. (U.S. Patent No. 6,339,780)
  The ability to select text is critical to working with documents. One of our patents enables users to select text, see what is selected via highlighting, and expand the selection in either direction as desired. (U.S. Patent No. 6,891,551)
  Users also want to annotate e-books and other documents. A Microsoft patent allows people to insert and review annotations without changing the underlying document, and to select annotations and be brought to the related portion of the document. (U.S. Patent No. 6,957,233)

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