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Comment Re:STFU needs to be heard. (Score 1) 757

the goal should not be 'unconfigurable' but 'no configuration needed 90% of the time, and configurable the remaining 10% of the time'.

Another example of "unconfigurable" is file rename behavior in Nautilus. Click-to-rename behavior (like in Windows) was implemented once, but was later removed completely rather than making it a configuration option.


Submission + - Tech's top 50 influencers (

Tinkle writes: has published its annual list of the top 50 most influential figures in tech — and it's a very fresh face at number one this year: Mark Zuckerberg aka Mr Facebook himself.

Also up there are the ubiquitous Steve Jobs and Google's Eric Schmidt. But the list throws up some less familiar figures — such as Premal Shah, president of, and Luis von Ahn, the man who invented captcha — along with another young gun: barely-out-of-his-teens Firefox founder Blake Ross.

Microsoft's top brass is conspicuous by its absence (no Ballmer, no Ozzie) — just ID chief Kim Cameron, managing an uninspiring ranking at 33. Could this mean the kids are finally taking over?


Submission + - Asus announces four Eee PC Configurations

i4u writes: "The Asus Eee PC is supposed to ship today in Taiwan. Asus announced four Eee PC configurations. The top of the line is the Asus Eee PC 8G with 8G SSD, 1GB RAM, integrated camera and 3.5 hours battery life. The low-end Eee PC 2G Surf has a 2GB SSD drive and 256MB RAM. This one is possibly selling for around $200. All Asus Eee PCs are compatible with Linux and Windows XP.
The Asus Eee PC should arrive in stores end of the month."

Submission + - BBC Deem Mac/Linux Users Not Worth Supporting

SpeedyRich writes: "The BBC have admitted they will be very unlikely to supply a version of its iPlayer video download/P2P for Mac and Linux users; currently they are focussing on a pan-platform streaming service (Flash), then they will "need to look long and hard at whether we build a download service for Mac and Linux", bearing in mind "It comes down to cost per person and reach at the end of the day". The BBC Trust, the BBC's governing entity, said not very long ago, "Officials reiterated that the BBC Trust is fully committed to users of both the Linux and Mac operating systems having full use of the BBC iPlayer. However, the trust is aware that achieving this is dependent on the actions of third parties outside the BBC's control. It was a condition of approval for the BBC's on-demand services that platform neutrality be achieved within a reasonable period." There was to be a six-monthly check on the BBC's progress."

Submission + - PayPal and eBay Email Phishing Plummets (

BaCa writes: There has been a dramatic reduction in the proportion of phishing emails targeted at the customers of PayPal and its parent company eBay. SophosLabs research shows that in September 2007 only 21 percent of phishing emails purported to come from the two well-known companies. A year ago, 85 percent of these bogus messages claimed to be from eBay or PayPal. Earlier this year, PayPal introduced an authentication keyfob which created a dynamic password for customers who wanted to reduce their chances of being phished.

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