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Comment Re:Are they claiming more territory? (Score 1) 268

The treaty doesn't say anything about them not being able to mine the shit out of the moon.

Never said it did.

It just says they can't claim territory or place nukes in space (which you can be damned sure we've already breached) It also says the parties retain rights over whatever the launch into space, so should they start building mining platforms and shipping stuff back, we couldn't touch the equipment without breaching the treaty.

We wouldn't need to touch the equipment, just implement trade sanctions on whatever they mined out (or the resulting products made from them).

Comment Re:Are they claiming more territory? (Score 2) 268

Considering that China has signed and ratified the Outer Space Treaty (which explicitly forbids any government from claiming a celestial resource such as the Moon or a planet), they'd probably get a few stern words and looks. On the other hand, if they actually manage to mine and transport something back, then there might be some mild repercussions.

Comment Re:The Way India Works... (Score 1) 53

Made you look!

No you didn't, because when someone posts anonymously, they don't get notifications about replies, so they will most likely never know that you replied. Remember, only reply to ACs if you think it will help some other reader. Replying to them in the hopes that they will read your reply is delusional.

Comment Re:It'll cost them more in the long run (Score 1) 275

There's a good reason why Microsoft is the standard for business computing and that's because their products are almost always better than open source.

No, it's because Microsoft is better at running legacy software (or at least that's how businesses see it). And business computing is all about legacy software.

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