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Comment Re:there is such a thing... (Score 1) 133

The tyranny of choice. Even with Maven, trying to find the right package to use can be a pain. Want to find a generic serializer that works better than the built-in serializer? That will be half a day of searching, testing and validating (for anybody who cares, I chose fst). Fewer libraries of better quality make more sense. In Java, you have libs such as the Apache Commons and Google Guava libraries that cover a huge swath of functions, which I suspect in node.js is covered by tens of thousands of packages, often with duplicate functionality.

Comment Re:Source of information is questionable (Score 1) 560

I was keeping my personal belief vs. what you can take from this study separate. If it quacks like a duck, and all that, but if nobody else has looked at this, it IS POSSIBLE that he has found something medically interesting. We don't even know the ramifications of this result either, even if blood-flow is lower, could it be because the people are more relaxed, and that it is a perfectly normal level for people? That said, my personal opinion is that this is bogus.

Comment Source of information is questionable (Score 5, Informative) 560

The Amen clinics have been accused of using questionable techniques ( and others, just google for information on them). This isn't to say that the data isn't true, but this result hasn't been confirmed by replication of the results by other researchers or more accurate scanning methods.

Comment Re:happened to me (Score 1) 145

On a related note, there is the infamous (in narrow circles) issue of the serial consoles on old Unix systems. Many had an option to "press any key for boot menu" on the serial console. The problem was that the serial consoles would get enough static interference to occasionally detect a character while this option was available, and it would halt the boot process. On a datacenter reboot (usually due to power loss), a handful of servers would never come up because of this. It was far more reliable to require a particular character to be received to break the boot sequence, although there is a risk that even that could be triggered, but FAR less often.

Comment What is the point to this? (Score 1) 199

This basically sounds like QoS, where if there is network congestion, certain traffic can be prioritized over other traffic. If there isn't congestion, I honestly don't see what the point is to this besides to get funding to develop this "ground breaking" technology from investors. The entire reason why ISPs want to break net neutrality is to get additional revenue streams from content providers to make their services more enticing over competition to the eyeballs served by the ISP. The description of this technology seems to violate the entire reason for net neutrality to be violated in the first place.

Comment Re:270% efficiency (Score 4, Insightful) 169

If it charges at 3x the rate, that implies it's ability to pull power is at least 3x what the wired charger is pulling, and it would have to pull that from... a wired connection. This implies the main problem is that the car interface is simply designed to run at a lower power level than this wireless design, and this could be corrected by bumping up the wired interface charge capacity. This is just a case of leapfrogging specs, nothing more.

Comment Re:The tech was never important to me. (Score 3, Informative) 97

The tech is actually already cheap. A local hospital performs a 35 point blood screening with most of the commonly done tests twice a year for $40 a shot, and they do this as a FUND RAISER. A link to the event from earlier this year (although very short on details):

The reason that the tests are so expensive in the Dr's office is that they run each one as a distinct test vs. using bulk analysis. They should NEVER just do a "cholesterol" test, but it is more profitable if they split it up.

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