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Comment Perhaps he should have moved sooner? (Score 3, Funny) 412

It might be possible that a group at the NSA with lots of funding, a few smart people and little to no oversight leaked the Podesta emails. They have access to computers in botnets in Russia and Eastern Europe. They certainly have the hacking skills. They have the language skills. People in the intelligence community might not be big Hillary supporters.

Comment Trusted source? (Score 4, Insightful) 107

Do you actually trust the U.S. government to be honest? It may have been a complete weapon - plutonium and all. They simply made something up to make sure people wouldn't panic (or the real motivation to lie: people would criticize the government for f'ing up. Again.). No one outside a select few has the ability to find out if it had been loaded with plutonium. If they were actually worried about safety, there would not be any TNT or uranium in it. They would have filled the bomb with something inert to give it the same mass, center of mass and maybe even moment of inertia. Nuclear bombs don't go off unless properly triggered, so the risk of a full explosion is about zero. There is a very real risk of it potentially becoming a dirty bomb.

Lying and deception are completely legit when keeping Americans safe. Doubly so for anything classified.

Comment Re:Bad Reason (Score 1, Insightful) 319

98% of the time people are plugged into wall power. Who cares. Plus, 32 GB isn't always enough. 64 would be awesome.
The problem is the stats for battery life in reviews. Those don't really matter any way. After 1 year, the battery life will drop by 40% because the batteries are shit. After 3 years, it goes to about 20 minutes.

Comment Not just complaints (Score 5, Informative) 332

Convictions and and plea deals change A LOT with body cameras. Before, you put someone in a suit and train them to say "Yes Sir/No Sir" in front of the judge. Then give the judge and everyone else the dog and pony show of how he's an A student and wants to start a business taking care of puppies. This trick doesn't work so well when there is video of a raving lunatic high on drugs taking swings at the cops.

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