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Comment Re:Ironic dichotomy of Apple's Family Values (Score 1) 841

This is rubbish, and those who modded that insightful will hopefully get slapped at metamoderation.

Mentioning moderation is a well known method of increasing your own moderation. :-)

There is no public API for iPods.

While you are rather correct in your iPod analysis, the rest of us are debating Palm PRE's disabled syncing with iTunes. Feel free to join in at any time:

if you know a description of the public unencumbered API for managing the music database on an iPod, post it's URL, and I will apologize.

It's already been mentioned that Nokia phones sync their calendars (through iSync) and iTunes music (through the public and unencrypted xml files) from mobile phone to your PC/Mac.

20 seconds on google gives you:

Feel free to apologize now.

Sorry to puncture your balloon so easily. Oh, you asked for "unencumbered API" - sorry, that's not how the world works. But maybe the HURD people will release a music player and desktop app once the kernel is out...

Both the big guys (Nokia) and the small fish (Salling are allowed to play nice with iTunes. Palm chose to pretend to be something they weren't, through unpublished APIs, instead of putting their money towards getting a stable, supported solution for their customers. Is it that hard to pick up the phone and CALL Apple? Even I can find Steve Jobs' email address. He might be out, but I betcha someone is answering his phone and checking his inbox.

Comment Translated: New judges in the Pirate Bay case (Score 4, Informative) 329

The Court of Appeals is replacing the newly appointed appelate court judge in the Pirate Bay-case. The issue of whether the local court Tingsrätten had a inappropriate bias will now be decided by three judges from a different department.

  - It can be noted that none of these three are, or have been, members of any of the groups that are relevant in this case, the Court of Appeals write in a press release.

  After learning that the newly appointed Court of Appeals judge in the Pirate Bay case has been a member of the same Intellectual property industry group as the local judge accused of bias, the president of the Court of Appeals was asked yesterday to try whether another department should rule on the issue of bias.

Today the decision was made: The appointed "Hovrättsrådet" Ulrika Ihrfelt, who works in the department specialized in cases on copyright/creators' rights and intangible assets, is not allowed to judge whether the local court had inappropriate bias when judging the case -"varit jävig".

Instead, the issue of bias will be moved to another department of the Appelate Court and be tried by the manager of that department, Anders Eka, and judges Christina Jacobsson and Ulrika Beergrehn.

"The reasons for this is partly that the issue of bias ought to be tried by other judges than those who could be asked to later judge in the actual case, and partly in consideration of the objection to the bias, it has been deemed appropriate that the issue of bias is decided by another department not specialized in copyright", the court writes in the press release.

Then issue will be decided with priority. The president of the Court of Appeals, Fredrik Wersäll, is counting on the decision coming "within some weeks at most", according to the news agency TT.

The Court of Appeals will not start handling the Pirate bay-case until the issue of bias has been decided. If Norström is considered biased the case can be sent back to the local court and the verdict will be torn up.

The defense lawyers of several of the convicted pirates claim that Norström had a bias, i.e through being a member of several industry groups connected to copyright. The four were sentenced to one year in prison and damages of 30 million SEK (ca $4 million).

(end of article)

Note that in Swedish, having had bias is almost the same as having been a dickhead. "varit jävig" vs. "varit jävlig".

Comment Re:Love my iPod - Hate iTunes. (Score 2, Informative) 429

There is something you are not telling us. Or perhaps you made the whole post up?

I was able to get all my tunes off the HD but wasnt able to get them all loaded back onto the iPod from the fresh XP installation on the same LT.

It is just files. Your next iTunes installation would have just picked them up - drm or no drm. And if they're in iTunes, they will be in your iPod once you sync. Perhaps your hard drive rescue didn't go as well as you thought?

as I changed my password from time to time and cant remember which PW I used when I purchased certain tracks.

That is not how it works. It doesn't matter what password you used to buy the tune. You buy them for an iTunes account, and the first time you play them on any computer, iTunes asks for that account's current password. Authorize for one drm:ed song, you authorize for all of them.

You can authorize up to five computers, so even if you needed to reauthorize after reinstalling, that would not have been a problem.

Also, internet lore has it that Apple support can disable old, defunct computers and give you back another authorization right - and even let you download stuff you already bought.

So, unless you somehow are confusing Windows Media Player with iTunes - maybe you bought drm:ed music for one and then switched to the other and expecting things to work - it seems your whole post is made up by someone who wants to slam iTunes Music Store but doesnt really know how it works.

Care to clarify?


Submission + - Yahoo exec says "Screw DRM" (

bogess writes: Yahoo! Music General Manager Ian Rogers recently gave a speech to some music executives about the future of the internet music business and promised his company will not be involved in Digital Rights Management anymore.

Submission + - Darl: Rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated (

RPGonAS400 writes: SCO's Darl McBride denies that the end of SCO is near.

In an exclusive interview with Computerworld on Friday, McBride said he's frustrated that the bankruptcy filing and Nasdaq delisting proceedings are making news at a time when his company has been working to reinvent itself with upcoming mobility products and services. He seems to pin his hopes on the tidbit that the judge has 2/3 of his summary judgement rulings overturned on appeal.

"[There's] the view out there that we're just dead and everybody's claiming victory over SCO," he said. "It's almost like the World Series is over and the only thing that hasn't happened is the victory parade."


Submission + - Hoax: Your Mountain Dew is Not a Glowstick (

SoyChemist writes: "A new short film demonstrates what appears to be the coolest trick since making a geyser by dumping Mentos into diet coke, but it's fake. The video claims: Just add a bit of baking soda and several spoonfuls of hydrogen peroxide to some Mountain Dew and it will glow in the dark. Apparently, the prankster used some slight of hand to slip a bit of glow stick fluid into the soda bottle before adding the hydrogen peroxide to activate it. As soon as the video made its way to YouTube, people started posting comments that it's fake. If only it was this easy to spot and disprove bogus claims in peer-reviewed scientific literature. This is why publishers should be obligated to tie every research paper to a message board thread. Some of the open-access journals, like chemistry central, already do this."

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