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Comment Re:The three debates (Score 1) 181

I can sum up my opinion on Trump in all three debates in a single word; "Wrong".
He's been a obnoxious, disgraceful, braggadocious and vacuous charlatan, but he sums himself up best every single time he says "Wrong".
I sincerely hope whoever ends up in power takes the opportunity to get rid of this bi-partisan clusterfuck (or should that be "pairfuck") mislabeled "democracy".

Comment Re:what about security? (Score 4, Insightful) 552


If you're on call, regardless of your profession, you assume a responsibility.
Don't burden others with the consequences of your choices.
The fix for this problem is easy; don't go to a location where your phone will not work.
If you can't do something that easy, you shouldn't have been trusted with it in the first place.

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