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Comment !Revolution (Score 4, Insightful) 154

The internet was a revolution, starting with a few networked government buildings.
Mobile phones were a revolution, starting with heavy briefcases that barely worked anywhere.
Computers were a revolution, starting with speeds so slow a human could keep up.

None of these revolutions happened overnight.

3D printers will become cheaper and will become common place so slowly, we won't even notice it until only in hindsight we will say "it was a revolution".
It may take another 20 years to get there, but we will.

Comment Re:File under Bullsh*t (Score 5, Funny) 193

Reminds me of this homeopathic cream somebody gave me for sore muscles.
The disclaimer said to consult a doctor if it didn't work within 3 weeks.
A doctor I called said to call him back if it didn't disappear by itself within 2 weeks.
Should I interpret this as saying the homeopathic shit would actually make it worse than doing nothing?
Needless to say, I threw the cream in the trash and the pain was gone in about a week.
I guess my further diluting of the homeopathic cream by not using it made it work better?

Comment Re:Nice to see we'll be in better hands (Score 1) 313

As long as he didn't install an email server on his illegal internet connection, I'm sure state secrets were safe and sound.
Reading TFA, this guy seems to be perfectly in line with typical Trump philosphy of believing he knows better than what all the experts say.

Comment 3D media (Score 1) 114

VR will be about as popular as 3D TV and 3D movies.
It's going to be popular for a few years, then people will learn that it doesn't actually make games any more fun and though it's still going to be produced (because by then it's not going to cost much more to do so), it's going to be just another bulletpoint in a long list of features.

Comment Who's president NOW? (Score 1) 119

I think every government agency should stop everything it's doing in the next four years, because in four years time, Trump will be replaced by another president.

Current government decides what happens, this whole "lame duck" bullshit isn't legal in any way or supported by any constitution or amendment.

FCC stopping plans now due to Trump not yet being in government is the same as failing to serve the current government.

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