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Comment Re:Two options... (Score 5, Interesting) 213

Third options:

3: Find a project that already does something very close to what you want and who'll probably see the value of your suggestion.

I have both suggested such things to other projects and have taken on similar feature requests on my own open source projects.
If it's a good idea, it doesn't matter where it came from.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a place to dump your ideas and then expect other people to go looking for them, then why do you expect somebody to take the effort for your idea while you couldn't even be bothered with it yourself?

Comment Re: Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 2) 475

You are simply mis-reading what is stated in that document. The US citizen parent had to be resident in the US for ten years (prior to the birth). How can I be so certain? I am in a similar category, but was born outside the US to a US mother and a father who had not been ten years resident in the US. I had, since birth, US citizenship until I renounced a few years ago.

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 525

It's a bi-partisan bill introduced before Trump is even in office.
Writing a bill takes time; by the time it was introduced, it has already been in the pipeline for much longer.
Trump may be able to ride on the coat-tails of this bill, but in reality it's a bill that has nothing to do with the election.

Comment Re:Congratulations - you invented the WWW (Score 1) 69

As I understand it, you still need to download and install the Wechat app.
Their "invention" seems to be that the app basically includes a webbrowser (or something very much like it).
So when they say you don't need to download and install anything, they mean that you have to download a new update for their app, which has extra code it installs, then it can download things that aren't technically apps and execute them using the preinstalled interpreter.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 180

A streaming service like Spotify is about the cost of one CD per month. This means you break even at only 12 CD's a year.
Some streaming services allow you to download for offline listening and they may offer singles or other songs rare on physical media.
Another thing to consider is that CD's have a limited lifetime; I have several old CD's that are no longer playable; my only legal option would be to buy them anew (assuming they are still sold).
The full answer is, as always; "it depends". If your tastes are limited to certain time periods or to only a few genres, you're probably better off buying physical media. If you have wide interrest or like to keep up with new music, streaming might be easier.
Obviously, physical media has some added value due to the artwork and simply the idea of physically owning something you like.
On the other hand, tracking down cheap physical media (especially less popular or rare music) is only cheaper if your time is worthless.

Comment Re:This is a surprise? (Score 1) 483

The problem is that the only way for Indians to produce the code you need is to specify it to the point where you've just written the entire code yourself.

I've seen this numerous times; their inability to think of reality is insane. I've once been asked to produce a mock object for a simple currency converter so they could test their components. The mock converter just had a list of static conversion rates for each currency. The code they returned (the code that was supposed to use the real currency converter) relied on the currency converter always returning the same conversion rates. Turns out they were using a substring()-like function to extract the rates from an XML message, so if the rate had a different number of digits or the XML was different in any insignificant and perfectly valid way, it would fail hard. Since their code handled no exceptions at all, failing meant exiting the entire application.

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