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Journal Journal: Moderating

I've just exercised my moderator privileges for the first time. It was hard. I decided to not moderate down, as I just didn't see anything that warranted that - and as a first time moderator, I didn't want to perform any slams that I'd later regret - so I found a few posts and moderated them up. I felt that they deserved it - especially as I had other reasons to do so that were different than precedent moderators.

I then meta-moderated. Harder because of tracing context, but hopefully, the feedback will help others - because I said some were ok, others not.

I have a point or two left, and I'm not going to use them - Mom said always leave the table a little bit hungry.

Anyway, it's easy to sit in judge when you're free to toss in your two cents - hard when you want to do an honest job.

But seriously - people that are not modding all of my stuff at +5 - doooodes - I mean - seriously.........

Where's the story? Like SNL said in paraody of Sam Donaldson - Me! I'm the story!

Call it pandering - (ok, me first, "It's pandering!") - but I'm seeing sigs and side discussions on moderators and moderation. Add that in with complaints about slow news days and I figured, "Why not? People are throwing gauntlets to these so-called impartial moderators. Why not give them a hard target for once?"

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Journal Journal: Fair Use

Thanks for finding this journal entry. If you care at all about copyrights, DRM, DCMA - you care about Fair Use.

I want everyone to know what I've learned. Please see this reply by me:

If you have time (and I hope you do), read the thread around it for context - but please, I encourage you to read that reply and follow the links. I'm going to complain to Congress. I hope you'll be as amazed as I was and take similar action. Maybe if we understand the issues our voices will be heard. Well, I hope so.

(PS - I added Torodung as a friend for taking time to help me; anyone who does that deserves at least one fan!)

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Journal Journal: I'm a foe and didn't know

As it turns out, someone's named me as a foe. I'm mystified. It's not that I've never opposed the guy (I haven't AFAIR), but more exactly like, how has any of the trivia of I've written so far rise to the level of someone actually wanting to take the time to enter me as a foe?

IOW, my question isn't, "What did I ever do to alphatool?" It's, "Where did this Australian student ever find the time to think about it and write me up that way?"

Is it jealousy over my huge brain or Auroran good looks? Golly, that's hard to say. But it's really just an extension of the burden I carry of accepting the responsibility that absolutely everything I post gets modded as either 5, Insightful or 5, Informative. I even looked under Fans and learned what I already knew - apparently, eveyone loves me, even if secretly. By extension, I'm even loved by the one guy that doesn't like me - cool.

BTW - I can't figure out the difference between Publish and Post - and it's not in the FAQ - so I'm going with the default. I think it means that others can read this, but does NOT mean that others will be notified. See? Even my enormous brain is stumped at times. Admitting that just goes to prove that I'm massively humble, too. (And yes - humility does have mass. I guess that means it also has momentum. So if any of you are suffering from a lack of humility, feel free to use some of mine.)

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