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Submission + - Scammers steal millions, pennies at a time (

e3m4n writes: Inspired by either Superman 3 or Office Space, it appears some criminals embarked on a credit card scam involving small amounts that went unnoticed by 90 percent of their victims with charges as small as $0.25. I guess they didn't forget a mundane detail as they ran this scam for several years.

Submission + - PAC-MAN turns 30! (

e3m4n writes: head over to Google for an embedded PAC-MAN game made out of their logo. Once out of lives you will be redirected to articles about PAC-MAN turning 30.
The Courts

Submission + - Seinfeld's Good Samaritan law now reality? ( 1

e3m4n writes: The fictitious 'good samaritan' law from the final episode of Seinfeld (the one that landed them in jail for 1 year) appears to be headed toward reality for California residents after the house passed this bill. There are some differences, such as direct action is not required, but the concept of guilt by association for not doing the right thing is still on the face of the bill.

Submission + - Postal worker steals 3012 netflix DVD and only fac (

e3m4n writes: "Now how exactly is it that Jamie Thomas gets fined 1.92 Million dollars for 'making available' a mere handful (as in 24) of songs and yet someone abuses such a high position of trust, and tampers with the mail is only assessed with $38,500 in damages??? How is this NOT a violation of Jamie Thomas' 14th amendment rights — equal protection under the law??? I am not a lawyer so if anyone IS a lawyer, please help me understand. From where I sit, this is another shining lesson that if you screw up, make sure you do it on an Exxon Valdez scale, so as to escape a proportionate level of punishment."

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